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The extreme conditions may have helped kickstart life on other worlds
Wed Aug 19, 2015 9:07am

The extreme conditions may have also help kickstart life on other worlds

Tue Aug 18, 2015 11:21am

Our new celestial companions could help us understand how our Galaxy formed

'Catherine wheel' explosion discovered lurking behind the Milky Way
Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:58am

The discovery of a galactic collision that has formed a ring of light close to home has shown that such phenomena can occur around smaller galaxies than previously thought.

Astronomy and space science make the cut for this year's programme
Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:02pm

Read our pick of the best astronomy and space-related events occurring at the British Science Festival 2015.

Supernovae in empty space may have been thrown out of merging galaxies
Fri Aug 14, 2015 1:12pm

Supernovae in empty space may have been thrown out of merging galaxies

Gas giant observed by new telescope on the hunt for exoplanets
Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:28am

A new telescope that is helping astronomers learn more about exoplanets has made its first major discovery; a young Jupiter-like planet beyond the Solar System.

Body provides new clues as to how black holes are formed
Wed Aug 12, 2015 10:58am

The tiniest supermassive black hole ever found at the centre of a galaxy is providing clues as to how black holes formed along with their host galaxies.

Tue Aug 11, 2015 9:26am

The energy output of the Universe is half of what it used to be

Hubble reveals role of jets in precipitating galactic activity
Fri Aug 07, 2015 9:29am

Two studies into elliptical galaxies' star formation have revealed a self-regulating system powered by the jets of black holes.

Towering mountain and bright crater seen in new images sent back by Dawn
Thu Aug 06, 2015 3:24pm

Dawn has sent back a video of some of Ceres' most intriguing features, causing scientists to ask new questions about the surface of the dwarf planet.

Astronomers capture tidal stripping in new study looking at galactic formation
Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:00am
New images captured show M81's tidal stripping process for the first time.
Black holes are no longer the 'undisputed jet kings' of the Universe
Tue Aug 04, 2015 2:18pm

Black holes, long thought to be the Universe's unrivalled producer of powerful jets of material blasting into space, could have a new rival in the form of neutron stars.

Three super-Earths and giant planet found 21 lightyears away
Mon Aug 03, 2015 10:49am

Swiss astronomers are reporting the discovery of a planetary system containing three super-Earths and an giant planet in outer orbit.

Fri Jul 31, 2015 3:58pm

Eight months after landing, what has Philae discovered?

Milestone in exoplanet hunting project through microlensing technique
Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:17am

An ongoing hunt to find exoplanets orbiting far from their own star has made a welcome discovery.

Phenomenon spotted 10,000 times more powerful than ever observed
Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:17pm

The discovery of aurora on a low-mass star 18 lightyears from Earth is teaching scientists more about the outer atmospheres of exoplanets.

Dwarf planet's peaks and troughs shown in data released by NASA
Wed Jul 29, 2015 9:02am

New data released by NASA from the Dawn mission in the form of colourful maps shows the peaks and troughs on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres.

American Astrophotographers plan the hike of a lifetime
Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:35pm

A pair of astrophotographers are currently preparing the project of a lifetime; a 338km hike along America’s famous John Muir Trail to photograph the night sky through the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California.

Dust pillars reveal galactic evolution process in new detail
Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:31pm

A study of cosmic winds is revealing more about how they effect the evolution of galaxies.

Study could answer question as to how brown dwarfs are formed
Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:46pm

An analysis of a patch of still-forming brown dwarfs shows they may propel jets outward from a surrounding disc in much the same way as young forming stars.

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