Windows eX-P

At what point do astrophotographers take the plunge and leave Windows XP behind? Admittedly XP has been a reliable and steadfast operating system for many years now, but I often hear astrophotographers mention that the latest CCD or webcam doesn't work as well, if at all, with XP. There has to come a time when the one must upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 and of course 32 or 64-bit, as it is only natural that CCD manufacturers will want to use the latest features both for image capture and on the fly processing.

Most still appear for now to ensure that their products work under the older operating system, but it will only be a matter of time before it should be expected that the end user has to move on to something newer, if only to take advantage of upgraded features.

Most of the upcoming CCD/webcams do still appear to have XP listed but one wonders if those using Windows 7 or 8 are working under the assumption that their XP compatibility feature will do the job.  Let's hope that for now those hanging on to their trusty XP machines can continue to enjoy the latest equipment. Pete Lawrence reviews the latest iNova NNB-Cx colour CCD camera which can still run under Windows XP, see how he got on in our January issue.

In the same issue I enjoyed the latest 71mm five element apo refractor from William Optics whilst Steve Richards put the iOptron CEM60 equatorial mount through its paces.

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