Jon Culshaw

Exoplanet Excursions: March 2014

Jon swaps paradise for thick ice as he continues his tour of the Kepler 62 system.

Pulsar planets and lava worlds are spellbinding to look upon, but these dangerous environments mean that 
only the briefest visits are possible. Kepler 62e – where we stopped last month – is the utter opposite. It’s a paradise world where the most natural reaction 
is a desire to stay for many decades. For 
a while, then, we shall.


Exoplanet Excursions: February 2014

Jon feels the pangs of home as he travels to a watery super-Earth in Lyra.

Our first few Exoplanet Excursions have been rather extreme – the molten environment of Alpha Centauri Bb and radiation-saturated pulsar PSR 1257+12 testing the resilience of the Cruiser Globe* to its limits.

Exoplanet Excursions: January 2014

Jon’s travelogue continues with a trip to the wasted surface of a world orbiting a pulsar.

Much emboldened by our last trip to the lava planet Alpha Centauri Bb, we’re now confident enough to travel further. With a strong thirst to witness an environment even more alien and unrecognisable, we’re travelling towards the constellation of Virgo and the pulsar PSR 1257+12 – a catchy name, derived from its coordinates and an acronym for ‘pulsating source of radio’.


Exoplanet Excursions: December 2013

Jon Culshaw's off-world travelogue kicks off with a trip to our nearest star system.

Today we are living though a deliciously effervescent period of discovery – a new and beautifully alien exoplanet being discovered almost weekly. What once seemed unreachable 
is drawing closer to us.


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