11th July Search For Life in oceans of Europa & Enceladus

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11th July Search For Life in oceans of Europa & Enceladus

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It's on 11th July in St Hugh's college Oxford. From 9 am to 6 pm.

Join NASA, ESA & other top researchers from around the world, at this one day conference. Discussion will be on the investigation, strategies and challenges ahead, for the exploration of the oceans of the moons, Europa and Enceladus.

For anyone interested in missions to find out if life exists off this planet, and whether or not we share the same DNA.

Speakers include
* Chris McKay, astrogeophysicist, specialist in origins of the solar system and the origin of life, who has explored many analogue environments on the Earth in Antarctica, Atacama desert etc and closely involved in the Mars searches for life.
* Charles Cockell, astrobiologist from Edinburgh, who researches into life in extreme environments on the Earth analogues for other parts of the solar system and who applies this to robotic and human exploration of space.
* Alex Rogers - oceanographer from Oxford university who specializes in study of seamounts and chemosynthetic ecosystems - perhaps the closest Earth analogues of what we may find in the oceans of Enceladus and Europa
* Dr. Jill Mikucki, microbiologist who specializes in study of subglacial lakes - again an excellent analogue of conditions on the icy moons - and involved in the research for the Enceladus ice mole. She will be reporting on the results of their recent test of the Enceladus ice mole in Blood Falls, Antarctica
* Dr. Bernd Dachwald, Professor for Astronautical Engineering associated with German Aerospace (DLR), leader of the Enceladus Explorer (EnEx) and "IceMole" project,

And many more. Including also space scientists and space instrument makers.

Event price
£75.00. Lunch & refreshments included, Early Bird Student £50

Contact number for bookings
Primrose Milvain,
Tel: 020 3725 5840


Our group founder, William Brooks, (a space enthusiast, scuba diver and electronic Engineer, working with sensors and data acquisition systems), has been communicating with Prof. Alex Rogers of Somerville College, Oxford, for some years. This discussion concerned the professors investigation of species diversity, at hydrothermal vents around the world, and the possibility of life in the oceans of Icy Moons.

Prof. Rogers suggested a "Think Tank" on the subject, and a few of his associates to join us.

Frustrated at the slow place and lack of funding, for investigating astrobiology in the oceans of Europa and Enceladus, William invited Prof. Rogers associates and NASA, ESA and other top researchers from around the world, as well as private companies investigating technologies that would be useful for future robotic investigative missions.

Non profit, evolving as an educational organization, with the goal being to generate public interest, support for anyone working in this field, and to discuss possible future NASA/ESA/Private Company/Public Missions to these moons.

Next years meeting is already planned to be held in California.

Any questions be sure to say :).
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