12 April, London - Yuri's Walk

12 April, London - Yuri's Walk

Postby Graham Southorn » Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:13 pm

[b][size=3]Yuri's Walk[/size][/b]

Tuesday 12th April will be the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's historic first human spaceflight on 12th April 1961.

Celebrations on the 12th April will commence with a "Yuri Walk" on London's South Bank. YuriGagarin50 is inviting supporters to gather at 7am in Jubilee Gardens, dressed in Yuri-style orange suits, to toast Gagarin's launch exactly 50 years on, at 07:07 BST. The walkers will then set off on three orbits along the South Bank, Waterloo Bridge, the Victoria Embankment and back over Westminster Bridge. This should last a total of around 108 minutes, the same duration as Gagarin's flight. The walk is being led by Vix Southgate, the author and illustrator of 'Yuri Gagarin - The First Spaceman'.

Events across the UK are being organised to celebrate the anniversary. YuriGagarin50 has put together a [url=http://www.yurigagarin50.org/events/calendar]searchable calendar of events[/url], which include exhibitions, talks, concerts, book discussions, plays, Yuri's Night parties and other activities.

Highlights include screenings of Chris Riley's [url=http://firstorbit.org]First Orbit film[/url] in science centres, museums and BBC Big Screens across the UK, the [url=http://gagarin50.co.uk]Gagarin50 exhibition[/url] at the Waterside Arts Centre, Manchester and the [url=http://conferences.theiet.org/gagarin]IET Yuri Gagarin Lecture[/url] at Savoy Place, London.
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