20x90 Binoculars

20x90 Binoculars

Postby brianb » Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:26 pm

Helios Quantum-4 20x90 binoculars, inc case, AS NEW. Review here [url=http://www.telescopereviews.co.uk/giantbinoculars.htm]http://www.telescopereviews.co.uk/giantbinoculars.htm[/url]

£150 plus carriage. Money refunded (less carriage cost) if returned (at your expense) in orginal condition within 14 days. I do not expect to have to do this; you'll be delighted - but please note that a sturdy tripod (not included) is [i]essential[/i] to use these binoculars effectively; they're too large & heavy for hand holding to be an option.

This makes a large heavy package; estimated cost, by Royal Mail Special Delivery (insured) anywhere in the United Kingdom, £20.

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