350D modded and photoshop problems

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350D modded and photoshop problems

Postby lizd31 » Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:03 pm

Hi Guys

I am after some advice from you imagers out there.

When opening a DSS Autosave.tif in photoshop CS3 i change from 32 bits/channel to 16 bits / channel.
When the HDR conversion box opens which method do you choose?
Exposure & Gamma
Highlight Compression
Equalize Histogram
Local Adaption

The reason i ask is i have always chosen the method Exposure & Gamma (probably because it is the top one in the box).
Opening the DSS Autosave.tif last night and processing in CS3 when i used the Exposure & Gamma method and then used levels and curves the image seemed to bring out a green tint around the edges of the image and a red tint around the central subject !!!

I then put the RAW images , darks, flats and bias frames through DSS again and this time in CS3 i chose the Equalize Histogram method which seemed to eliminate these unusal colour tints

Any views on this ??


Which parameter setting do you gys imaged with a Canon DSLR set ?
Parameter 1
or parameter 2
For last nights imaging session i changed the setting on the camera to:

Parameter 2 (i think iread somewhere that this is the most suitable setting)

Could this have caused the problem?


The flats i am taking using a homemade lightbox with my modded 350D i have now (modded by filter removal) which i take purely by using the AV setting on the cameraare coming out a bright white colour.
Previously on my unmodded 350D using the same method the flats were coming out smack on what they should be like ( i.e central on the histogram)

Do i have to use adifferent approach when taking flats through my modded camera ?

all advice very much appreciated


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