6x30 or 9x50 finderscope for 90mm Mak?

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6x30 or 9x50 finderscope for 90mm Mak?

Postby zolantal » Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:18 pm

I'm looking to buy a 90mm SW mak as a lightweight travel scope (goal is to be able to take it on hikes in just a backpack). It only comes with a stock red-dot finder, so I'll pick up a finderscope for it (an amici prism one). Question is: should I go for a 6x30 or a 9x50? I'm leaning towards the 9x50 one, but I'm worried that might be overkill for a scope of this size (1.5kg, 10x24cm tube overall), and it would kill its portability.
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