Altazimuth Mount

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Altazimuth Mount

Postby chashane » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:13 pm

I just got bounced out of preview, so I hope I don't repeat myself. I recently purchased a 6" refractor from D @ G Telescopes located in central Pa. It is seven feet long and weighs approximately 20 pounds. I have already obtained the universal mounting plate and O rings, and I would now like to build an altazimuth mount constructed mostly out of wood. My only concern is that the mount would be large and smooth enough for planetary viewing only. I'm pretty handy at fabrication, and now wonder if anybody out there might have plans that I could use, or at least modify for my our particular application. Any assistance/ideas in this regard would certainly be appreciated. Thanks.

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RE: Altazimuth Mount

Postby brianb » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:46 pm

For planetary work, a restricted range in declination would be acceptable; if you make the yoke short (so that dec is restricted to +/- 30 degrees) an English type mounting is probably going to be the easiest to make rigid. You will almost certainly need a PTFE thrust bearing at the bottom end to take the weight; you should be able to steal ideas from Dobsonian designs, even though your bearing will be at an angle rather than vertical or horizontal. Alternatively a large diameter ball thrust bearing.

I don't have any plans to hand but I feel it would be reasonable to build an English type mount for a 6" refractor out of wood if you pay particular attention to the rigidity of the piers & yoke. A hand slow motion in RA would be easy to add.
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