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Amateur wanting to confirm some obs..

Amateur wanting to confirm some obs..

Postby singingstarbird » Wed Sep 01, 2010 12:36 am

Hello. Just wanted to ask about the ISS can i confirm if anyone saw it around 9.30pm (i'm in manchester) also using my 127 skywatcher using a 2x barlow lens and 25mm was able to see a good view of Jupiter and the NEB. Still could not see the SEB but i think i was able to just pick up the great red spot, my first time ive seen it, can any one confirm It was what I saw, this was round 22.45.

Thank you

Vicky xxx
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RE: Amateur wanting to confirm some obs..

Postby aussie_scorpion » Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:00 pm

Hi Vicky,

You most probably did see the GRS. To confirm if you did, download the free software only disgned for Jupiter. It's called Jupiter 2 and then input the date you observed the planet. You will really like this program.
I've seen the GRS on the 24/09/10 (from Australia) and managed to get the image on camera. I'll try to post the picture on it here, but if I'm unable to then check this website out: macarthurastronomicalsociety.com.au and check out the members photos. Mine is under Borislav.
Let us know how you went.
Take care and happy vieiwing.
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