Andromeda and star trails

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Andromeda and star trails

Postby Aratus » Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:34 pm

A simple 30sec exposure of the central part of the Andromeda Galaxy reveals some of the dark dust lanes.

Then pointing the Canon with a fixed 50mm lens at the Pole Star, I took 30x10sec exposures, 2 minutes apart. Adding all the exposures together gives the star trails showing the apparant rotation of the sky over a period of an hour. Those stars at the edge move the farthest and the individul dots can be seen. That could have been avoided by taking the exposures more often. Just in case any confirmation was required, it can be seen that the Pole Star is not exactly centred on the rotation.
I use an 11" reflector (Celestron CPC 1100) and a 3" refractor, (Sky-Watcher ST80) mounted on an equatorial wedge, housed in a 2.2m Pulsar observatory. I use a ZWO ASI 120MM, ZWO ASI1600MC and Canon 1300D for imaging.
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