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Astro Alerts

Postby asterixhb » Tue Jan 24, 2006 4:50 pm

Really pleased that you have got the forum back on line. I think that it is proving to be a great success as is the magazine. Well done to all involved.
Is it feasible for notification of astro alerts to be e-mailed to members as I don't check the forum every day, (very remiss of me I know).
Finally, do you think members would like the idea of groups for specific scopes; I have a Meade LXD 55 F10 SCT, and though I am getting more au-fais with it, I could have done with some help or advice at times from some-one else who owns one. As there are obviously lots of different models, this could be a bit of a nightmare to organise or even be a complete non starter. Just an idea though.
Keep up the excellent work, it is appreciated.

Kev G.
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RE: Astro Alerts

Postby keithmorris » Fri Feb 03, 2006 4:00 pm

Hey Kev want advise and info on your LXD55? Yahoo do a user group for that scope as well as others. When you join you can elect to receive member post via email. Give a look, I joined the LXD75 an LPI groups and get about 30 emails each day. Unfortuneately a lot of the members are in America, but I still pick up some good tips! keith
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