Astronomers at the KECK telscope find Uranus size planet.

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Astronomers at the KECK telscope find Uranus size planet.

Postby jsc248 » Sun Aug 02, 2015 5:14 pm

Hi Gang,

Nothing new about finding large exoplanets you think? Wrong! This planet is not right next to it's parent star, as most large exoplanets seem to be, but this one is 370 million miles away from it's parent star which is close to the Sun-Jupiter distance. Not still impressed? This star system's exoplanet was discovered using a technique called Gravitational Micro lensing, which should produce the correct planetary alignment once in every million years for a given system. I find this discovery very impressive and very important in the understanding of planetary formation.
Read the full science and see the images on the KECK website here

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