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Astronomik CLS or CLS-CCD Clip Filter

Sun Mar 20, 2016 11:09 am

Hi Guys
I want to get back into doing some Astro Imaging with my “Unmodded” Canon 450D.
I will be using my Meade LX10 8” SCT OTA on my HEQ5 mount
I will also be using my 0.63 Celestron focal reducer to give me f6.3
I need to get either an Astronomik CLS or CLS-CCD Clip Filter to put into the 450D to cut down on light pollution when taking subs longer than 2 minutes.
My question is which option should I go for ?
Your help would be very much appreciated

Re: Astronomik CLS or CLS-CCD Clip Filter

Sun Mar 20, 2016 1:14 pm

Since your camera still has its built-in filters, then technically you don't need the CLS-CCD. The normal CLS will be sufficient. The only reason for you to get a CLS-CCD is if you intend to modify your camera at a later date.

If you already have a 1.25" filter then you can still use it with a 1.25" 'nose' on your camera, which saves the cost of buying a new filter. It depends on the amount of light you need, and the kind of adapter you are using.
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