Astronomiser Cameras

Astronomiser Cameras

Postby coxellis » Wed Apr 26, 2006 1:36 am

Hi All,
Just a quick announcement about Astronomiser's forthcoming camera range...
These cameras are based on the SC1, SC1.5 and SC3 modifications.
At launch, the range will consist of:
[color="red"]ASTSC1C[/color] - Basic Long Exposure modified colour camera, rehoused in a small black case. Ideal for exposures up to around 40 seconds, this camera will be a great introduction to long exposure imaging or as a basic guider. In terms of planetary imaging, this camera will function in exactly the same manner as a standard Toucam Pro (with the same, ICX098BQ colour ccd sensor). [color="Yellow"]It will be priced at £130 including UK P&P.[/color]
[color="Red"]ASTSC1BW[/color] - As above, but re-chipped to Black and White. Ideal for guiding, with the CCD sensor (ICX098BL) being more than 3x as sensitive as the basic ICX098BQ colour sensor used in the stock camera. This camera will also be installed with 'RAW mode' and will also be a top class mono planetary imager. [color="Yellow"]It will be priced at £180 including UK P&P.[/color]
[color="Red"]ASTSC15C[/color] - As the ASTSC1C but with the addition of air cooling and amp switching allowing considerably longer single frame exposures of over two minutes. A great one shot colour camera allowing you to achieve great results of relatively dim objects without resorting to filters. It's use for planetary imaging will be identical to the ASTSC1C. [color="Yellow"]This camera will cost £160 including UK P&P.[/color]
[color="Red"]ASTSC15BW[/color] - As the ASTSC15C but with the ccd again replaced with an ICX098BL Black and White sensor. Used in Black and White, it will be capable of producing great images of very dim objects with a maximum exposure time of over 2 minutes. As in the case of the ASTSC1BW it will be installed with 'RAW mode'. This camera is an effective introduction point to tri-colour or filtered LRGB imaging. [color="Yellow"]The cost of this one will be £210 including UK P&P[/color]
[color="Red"]ASTSC3[/color] - Available only in the native Black and White format, this camera will use the larger ICX424AL 1/3" sensor. With individual pixels 50% larger than the standard ICX098, this camera is a more sensitive and wider fov version of the ASTSC15BW. [color="Yellow"]The cost of this camera is not totally finalised, but it should be in the region of £235 including UK P&P[/color]
The cameras will not initially be supplied with focusser adapters, though it is hoped that they will all be fitted with standard T-ring adapters.
The cameras are due to go into production very shortly and will be available from the Astronomiser website - [url=][/url] - within a couple of weeks, though if interest is high, there may be a short delay in delivery. After the initial launch period, I would normally expect to be able to supply these cameras within 14 days of order. If you would like to pre-order one of these cameras or have any questions concerning them you can contact me via the Astronomiser contact page - [url=][/url]
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RE: Astronomiser Cameras

Postby smidge » Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:00 am

Wow what bargains Andy great cameras.


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RE: Astronomiser Cameras

Postby coxellis » Mon May 01, 2006 1:03 am

Cheers Ernie :)

Now available from [url=][u][color=#800080][/color][/u][/url]

Also a yahoo group to support the cameras - [url=][u][color=#800080][/color][/u][/url]

The ASTSC1C, ASTSC1BW, ASTSC15C and ASTSC15BW are now all available from stock and can be delivered within 2 working days - this situation may change depending on orders.

The ASTSC3 is expected to go in to full production later this week and it is expected that delivery will be within 5 working days.

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