Big 'case' for sale

Big 'case' for sale

Postby andyg » Wed May 07, 2008 10:13 pm

It's me again with another couple of old bits from the school repository ...

This time I have two black storage cases. Built like attache cases with three locks of the sort you push a slider to one side to release the catch then squeeze the catch to close, hinged along the long side. They're a 50/50 type - the top half is the same size as the bottom. Made of hard, single piece mouldings, thin plastic with aluminium strips at the joint/seal between the halves. They originally housed a slide projector and cassette player presentation system. Minimum internal size is about 7x31.5x14.25 inches (with a little bit extra lost at the back for a small pair of hinged lid stays), external obviously slightly more and theres a carrying handle to add as well. One has no holes the other has a small grille cut into it where a speaker was positioned - but it could obviously be covered with sticky-back-plastic, gaffer tape or something if necessary. Neither are intended to be waterproof, neither has keys (that I know of but I'll have a look), there's no foam or other padding but both are pretty strong, robust and in reasonable condition.

What are they for? I reckon a 4 or 5 inch tube would fit really well, possibly a 6 inch at a push.

Postage cost is an unknown - they're very light but big so I think they might only just be within the parcel size limits so I'd have to take them in to see what the PO says.

I have absolutely no idea about value - if you're interested make me an offer. I'll post pictures is anyone's serious.

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