CCD cameras, parts, accessories

CCD cameras, parts, accessories

Postby shinjukumaster » Sun Jul 18, 2010 10:50 pm

I have some CCD cameras, parts, and accessories left over from various imaging projects. Selling as they are surplus to requirements and I need to fund an expensive DSLR lens for motorsports use...

1) Hale Research EAC512-II CCD camera. AFAIK it uses the Scientific Imaging Technologies (SITe) SI-502a CCD sensor, which has an array 512x512, useful for smaller targets. The kit comprises the camera body, shutter, coolant pump, control unit, software on CD-ROM and diskette, instructions and user guide (these seem pretty detailed), along with lots of cables. It needs sorting out as not used for a while. 135.00 plus shipping.

2) Sony ICX429ALL ExView HAD MONO CCD sensor (NEW). Used in many astro cams (DSI II, Artemis, Atik 16, MX-717, MXV-7,Lodestar, etc.) Can be used to convert your camera to MONO, or for any astro-imaging camera project (Google for info). Spec sheet available on request. 75.00 plus shipping.

3) Lumenera LU070 MONO camera module (like SKYnyx) (NEW). The functional equivalent of a SKYnyx (Sony ICX424AL - 60fps at 640x480, or 100fps+ with binning), and can be DIY'ed (you just need a case) to make a very decent high speed planetary camera. Can be done pretty easily and quickly (e.g. if use an ABS, or plastic casing). Lucam software on CD. 1 1/4 nosepiece included. Use with Lucam, K3tools, Maxim, etc. 220.00 plus shipping.

4) Imaging Source DFK21F04 Planetary Camera. FIREWIRE/COLOUR With IR filter. Complete with drivers/software (IC Capture - but can be used with other common astronomy software) on CD, and 1.25 nosepiece. I have a test frame, and dark frame, available - there is one hot pixel near bottom of the frame. 175.00 plus shipping.

5) Sony ICX285AL MONO CCD sensor (NEW). High quality/sensitive CCD sensor as used in many top imaging cameras (e.g. ATIK, SX, etc.). 200.00 plus shipping

6) SITe (Scientific Imaging Technologies) SI-502a CCD sensor. This item is used, but in excellent condition. Scientific grade sensor. 250.00 plus shipping

7) SpectraSource HPC-1 with Tektronix CCD imager. This is the camera head only, with cables. Similar to the Hale camera above (but this is the head only). Fitted with a Bayonet mount at the moment. 100.00 plus shipping
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