Celestron Inspire 80az

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Celestron Inspire 80az

Postby Rosie76 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:43 pm

I’m looking into buying a telescope for Christmas and am wondering if anyone has anything good, bad or otherwise to say about the Celestron inspire refractors. My budget might stretch to the 80.

I know the usual advice to start with binoculars, but I’m keen on observing occasionally with my 5 year old (and eventually his younger brother) and I think a telescope I can point and he can look through would work best. I’m also very keen to have the rings of Saturn within reach, as this was an early observing experience for me that was really memorable.

What I’m looking for is something under £200 which can give good views of the Moon, Saturn with ‘ears’ and without, Jupiter with moons and some bands / GRS if possible, and hopefully star clusters / easy deep sky extended objects.

It would need to be extremely easy to set up to get used at our house - so my instinct is a refractor on an alt-ax mount for ease of use. I’d be very grateful for any thoughts anyone here has on this. Thank you!
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Re: Celestron Inspire 80az

Postby Aratus » Wed Dec 12, 2018 3:34 pm

There is certainly nothing wrong with an 80mm refractor. My only concern on this model would be the mount. Alt/Az mounts are OK, but it is useful to be able to move in an axis by small degrees in order to keep a particular object in view. A twist and lock tripod mount won't do that. I forsee a lot of frustration with it. For simple mounts you want one you can move very slightly with a simple little 'tap' or 'push' to keep an object in view. It is possble the the designers of this telescope are thinking of 'smart phone camera', and that people will be using it like a large telephoto lens and needs to be locked firmly in position. That is a point, but those twist and lock mechanisms often move the telescope tube slightly, and you end up losing the object. :(

Here are a few other options with better controls
A Alt/Az reflector with slow motion controls.

An equatorial refractor with slow motion controls

An alt/az refractor with slow motion controls

An equatorial reflector with slow motions and a motor.

Equatorials are harder to set up, but they only need to one control to keep objects in view. With a motor, it keeps it in view automatically. Alt/Az are very simple to set up, but require movents in 2 directions to keep an object in view.

Once you've made up your mind, let us know, and we can probably suggest some accessories to get the most out of your new telescope.
I use an 11" reflector (Celestron CPC 1100) and a 3" refractor, (Sky-Watcher ST80) mounted on an equatorial wedge, housed in a 2.2m Pulsar observatory. I use a ZWO ASI 120MM, ZWO ASI1600MC and Canon 1300D for imaging.
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