Conjunctions Mercury-Venus-Mars-Alpha Sco-Alpha Leo

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Conjunctions Mercury-Venus-Mars-Alpha Sco-Alpha Leo

Postby ricci » Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:06 am

Very interesting conjunctions this week:

10th November, 11.10 UT, Venus-Antares (Alpha Scorpionis) 3.91°
10th November, 11.50 UT, Mercury-Antares (Alpha Scorpionis) 1.91°
10th November, 11.49 UT, minimum grouping Venus-Mercury-Antares 3.91°
11th November, 01.50 UT, Mars-Regulus (Alpha Leonis) 1.33°
13th November, 08.27 UT, Mercury-Venus 1.96°
14th November, 08.16 Ut, Mercury at maxima solar elongation 22.7°
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