Day event: 10July2010-Exploring the Electric Universe

Day event: 10July2010-Exploring the Electric Universe

Postby Mcconnach » Sun Jun 13, 2010 1:06 pm

This is a serious one-day event, open to non-members of the SIS. A world authority on [b][color="#33cc00"]Electricity in Space[/color] [/b](and elsewhere) is presenting his findings and then opening the discussion for questions. Wallace Thornhill has been researching this subject most of his life. He lives in Australia but travels the world explaining this concept. He published a help page recently [url=][/url].

He challenges accepted theories by using laboratory-based facts to explain the many amazing phenomena we see in space. As he says:[color="#0066ff"][color="#cc0033"]"[/color][i][color="#cc0033"]A universe governed by ELECTRICITY impacts everything we think we know. It is a new mental map."[/color] [/i][color="#ffffff"]So if you are dissatisfied with the NASA slant on space then take a look at the evidence and make up your own mind. For me with an electrical/ electronics[/color][/color] background it makes perfect sense. If you were brought up in the Newtonian gravity-based era then it will take a few leaps of faith.

One basic fact seems to elude many astronomers. Over 150 years ago it was found that magnetic fields are always associated with electric current. They always circulate at right angles to current direction. [color="#0033cc"][i]Now the special case of permanent magnets requires molecular size currents so we'll omit them here[/i].[/color] [color="#ffffff"]So my question is how can we detect and measure[/color] magnetic fields associated with stars, galaxies and planets if, as Astronomy says "THEY DO NOT EXIST"? It may make mathematical sense to leave out these vital ingredients, because electricity in [color="#33cc00"][b]plasma[/b][/color] is diabolically complex. That is no excuse for leaving currents out of the equation! Ever wondered why we call the movement of charged particles from the sun 'solar wind'? That's the definition of...electric current.

Anyway I look forward to seeing some of you at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 1NN about 10.30 Saturday 10th July.. Be sure to book your registration (and a hot meal) via the website:[url=][/url]. Important things like tea and coffee are provided - [color="#cc0000"]car parking is free[/color] if you get there early. Trains/ buses stop yards away.

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