December events at Royal Observatory Greenwich

December events at Royal Observatory Greenwich

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December – Cosmic Christmas[/b] [/b] Paul Murdin: Secrets of the Universe[/b] Paul Murdin OBE, an internationally renowned astronomer and fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, will discuss his new book [i]Secrets of the Universe[/i] which conveys the human drama behind some of the greatest breakthroughs in scientific history. The talk will reveal the hidden secrets of the universe and show how they fit into our knowledge and culture; scientific, artistic, literary and historical. Dates: [/b]6 December Times: [/b]12.00 Ages:[/b] Adults, Young people[/b] Venue:[/b] National Maritime Museum Admission: [/b]£15.00 | £10.00 concessions (Advance bookings only) [/b] Christmas Lecture: The Planets, an Inspiration at Christmas[/b] Join Professor Colin Pillinger, one of the UK's best-known space scientists and leader of the [i]Beagle 2[/i] mission to Mars, and explore Christmas connections across the solar system in this festive talk. Dates: [/b]10 December Times: [/b]19.00 – 20.30 Ages:[/b] Adults, Young people[/b] Venue:[/b] Royal Observatory, Greenwich Admission: [/b]£19.50 (Advance bookings only). Includes refreshments [/b] Christmas stargazing[/b] This programme offers visitors an opportunity to find out more about our historic 28” diameter refracting telescope, which is the seventh largest of its kind in the world. With a chance to look through this magnificent instrument at star clusters and double stars, the programme provides an unusual Christmas experience that’s out of this world. Dates: [/b]5, 6, 12, 13, 19-23 December Times: [/b]18:30| 17.00[/b] Ages: [/b]Adults, Children aged 7+ Venue: [/b]Royal Observatory, Greenwich Admission: [/b]£5.00 | £3.50 concessions (Advance bookings only) The Royal Observatory’s Christmas Sky Watch[/b] This evening will explore the wonders of the winter skies, as well as providing an introduction in the use of binoculars and small telescopes. The session will include a planetarium talk, a short seminar and a practical session. Dates: [/b]11 December Times: [/b]19.00 – 22.00[/b] Ages: [/b]Adults, Children aged 7+ Venue: [/b]Royal Observatory, Greenwich Admission: [/b]£15.00 | £11.00 concessions (Advance bookings only) Halley’s Comet, Study Day[/b] To mark the 250th anniversary of the comet's first predicted return Royal Observatory, Greenwich curator, Dr Rebekah Higgitt and Public Astronomer Dr Marek Kukula will be joined by Ian Ridpath, author of [i]A Brief History of Halley's Comet[/i], for a day of talks and discussion exploring the history and science of comets. Discover the mythology and meaning attributed to comets throughout the ages and find out what modern cometary science has to say about these enigmatic visitors from the outermost edge of the solar system. Topics will include the 1986 [i]Giotto[/i] mission to Comet Halley itself and the devastating effects when comets collide with planets – including the Earth. Dates: [/b]12 December Times: [/b]11.00 – 16.00[/b] Ages: [/b]Adults, Young people Venue: [/b]Royal Observatory, Greenwich Admission: [/b]£25.00 | £20.00 concessions (Advance bookings only) Treasures in Store: Astronomical Compendia[/b] This behind-the-scenes tour will looks at the Royal Observatory’s hidden collection. Dr Rebekah Higgitt reveals the secrets of astrolabes and how these early instruments combine sundials, lunar dials, compasses and perpetual calendars into one portable device. Dates: [/b]9 December 2009 Times: [/b]14.00 – 15.30 Venue: [/b]ROG Admission: [/b]£15.00 (includes refreshments)
For updated information prior to visit please visit: [url=][/url] or phone (020) 8858 4422. For advance bookings for charged events please call 020 8312 6608 or email [url=][/url]
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