East Sussex Stargazing Live Event

East Sussex Stargazing Live Event

Postby urbanspaceman » Sat Jan 01, 2011 10:36 pm

East Sussex Astronomical Society (ESAS) is holding two events in collaboration with the BBC the first is a viewing of a partial eclipse of the Sun. This happens when the moon passes in front of the Sun and partially obscures the light leaving what looks like a giant bite out of the Sun. This occurs at Sun rise and ESAS will be at Galley Hill Bexhill from 7:30 on the morning of January 4th to witness this event and explain to the General Public a little about what is happening. The event will be visible for just over an hour and should be finished by 9:30 weather permitting.

Two other events taking place on January 4th & 5th at 6pm on the South terrace of the De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill. ESAS will have a range of telescopes and binoculars for the general public to view through, some of the objects ESAS will be training the telescopes on are two of the largest planets in our solar system Jupiter with it’s four Galilean moons clearly visible, and Uranus, the third outermost planet from the Sun.

Also Andy Lawes will be giving a laser guided tour of the winter constellations giving you some sky lore stories associated with these mythical objects.

For further Information contact Andy Lawes 079 2345 8516 or email andy@esas.org.uk


All subject to weather being good!
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