Eclipse tour to Tahiti with John Mason, 6-17 July

Eclipse tour to Tahiti with John Mason, 6-17 July

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This just received from the travel company Explorers, which has just announced a tour to take in the 2010 eclipse. It ain't cheap, but then Tahiti is a long way away!!

Message from Explorers begins

[size=4]A Solar Experience to Eclipse All Others[/size]

This summer’s solar eclipse in Tahiti will be the last opportunity for travellers to witness this remarkable natural wonder until autumn 2012.

Explorers is running an expedition to take in the expected 3½ minutes of absolute darkness from an exclusive Pacific atoll which is home to just 1,500 inhabitants.

The 2010 solar eclipse will offer limited observation points as the path of totality only crosses land in three remote island locations; the Cook Islands, Easter Island and French Polynesia. Of these, Explorers has secured the best vantage point – the remote atoll of Hao in the Tuamotu Islands, some 500 miles east of Tahiti and 3,000 miles from the nearest mainland.

After a private charter flight transfer, this idyllic corner of palm-fringed paradise will be the group’s home for two nights. Here they will enjoy the simplicity of the island lifestyle, including Explorers’ own private tented campsite.

Having marvelled at the morning eclipse from Explorers’ carefully selected observation point, acclaimed astronomer and expedition guide Dr John Mason MBE will take advantage of the spectacular view of the southern sky to treat the group to a Live Planetarium Show.

With the choice of two itineraries to make the most of the long travel distances, holidaymakers are encouraged to take advantage of other nearby destinations. However, both tours ensure guests have ample opportunity to fully take in Tahiti’s picture-postcard landscapes, from hiking across its jungle-covered peaks to world-class diving.

- Standard 12 day itinerary: Centred around tropical Tahiti and the Tuamotu Islands, the tour takes place 6 – 17 July, offering plenty of opportunities to explore the island’s mountain scenery and azure waters for £3,999pp (incl. flights).

- Tahiti, the Tuamotus & California: Observe the eclipse before embarking on a classic road-trip down the Pacific coastline from LA to San Francisco via Yosemite. The tour takes place 6 – 24 J! uly at a cost of £4,999pp (incl. flights).

To find out more contact Explorers on 0845 609 1591 or visit

Message from Explorers ends
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