Elephants Trunk Nebula in HST palette

Elephants Trunk Nebula in HST palette

Postby Gordon Haynes » Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:13 am

This is another image taken with my new FLI ML x814 camera on my Televue NP127/FLI astrograph. As an experiment I took this with the camera binned 2x2 so as to match the camera better to match the pixel size to the optics. Unfortunately my light panel gave up the ghost so this hasn't had flats applied to the data.
Exposures are 18x10 minutes Ha, 17x10 minutes OIII and 15x10 minutes SII. Processing is mainly stretching the weaker channels, colour combining, levels/curves, colour balancing, contrast and a little high pass filtering (some purists may object to this but I won't lose any sleep over it as I'm already having difficulty in sleeping at the moment....lol).
I may try this again but without binning

Best wishes
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