Finding out more about amateur astronomy

Finding out more about amateur astronomy

Postby robin scagell » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:46 am

Many beginners to astronomy have problems with getting to grips with so many aspects of the subject all at once. Reading Sky at Night magazine is a great help, but when it comes to getting to know the subject there's nothing like hearing it in person.

So the Society for Popular Astronomy are holding another of their 'Starting from Scratch' events in Shrewsbury on Saturday 20 February. The all-day event aims to give you an essential background in all aspects of amateur astronomy, from using a telescope to observing the planets, plus some background in professional matters. It costs only £5 to attend, and nonmembers are welcome.

It's easy to get there by train as the venue, the Gateway Centre, is quite close to Shrewsbury station. There are also good park-and-ride facilities. Find out more here:


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