For Sale: Home built observatory (revised)

For Sale: Home built observatory (revised)

Postby stargazeruk » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:10 pm

I am selling my home built observatory. It is an 8ft x 6ft wooden apex shed with a roll off roof. The total length is 14ft. It did house an 8 inch Helios reflector on an eq5 motor driven mount which itself is attached to a 4inch x 4 inch steel pier. The unit is no palace but is upto the job!!

There will be approx 50ft of electric cable and a 4 way socket to go with the shed.

I would be happy to accept around £250 for the shed including free delivery within a 150 mile radius. I will also include the pier. I need to sell as soon as possible.

Photos available, please email [][/email]

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