For Sale: William Optics GT-1 HD $1700 + Shipping (CONUS)

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For Sale: William Optics GT-1 HD $1700 + Shipping (CONUS)

Postby Playframes » Tue Apr 24, 2018 5:17 pm

Up for sale is my William Optics GT-1 HD. This is the big one, with the 1.875" counterweight shaft and massive but portable pier. I've used this mount exclusively with a C14 visually, and also with an ED80 piggybacked on top. Pointing accuracy with the SS2000-PC has been excellent with this scope, but careful selection and centering of alignment objects is always key to an accurate alignment. With a good alignment, I've gone an entire night without needing to resync while keeping objects within the FOV of a 30mm EP on my C14. The SS2000 is version 2.06, and I use it with Sky Safari Pro on my phone or iPad and the StarSeek WiFi interface. The mount has a built-in illuminated finder scope (AP style) and works fairly well. It isn't necessary at all to polar align the scope for visual use, but I usually start out with it close. I've really enjoyed this mount for many years, but it is a lot for me to pack up and bring to dark sites, so I'm looking to downsize my gear. For it's size and capability, it actually sets up pretty quickly. It also comes with a custom padded ScopeGuard case, which is also massive and built like a tank. The condition and finish on the mount itself is excellent. It's had light usage over the years and cared for well. The pier and legs have some scuffs and various chips in the paint, but are strictly cosmetic. In order to balance a C14, I needed 3 CWs. With the ED80, I think I was using 4 ( I don't mount up both scope any more). This package comes with the single original painted CW from WO. I also have three AP 18lb stainless steel weights that will be for sale separately, either with this mount or after it sells.

Here is what's included:
The GT-1 HD mount with counterweight shaft and Losmandy-style saddle
Portable pier with removable legs, Orion padded bag for pier tube, cordless electric driver to quickly screw on/off the legs
1) William Optics Counterweight (18lb I think) -- I also have 3 18lb Astrophysics Stainless counterweights for sale separately
Installed illuminated polar alignment scope
SkySensor 2000-PC computer
Motor/encoder cables, 12V power cable, RS-232 serial cable
12V 7Ah battery
Very nice battery charger/maintainer
Documentation for the mount and SS2000
Custom ScopeGuard case
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