Hadley Rille at last

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Hadley Rille at last

Postby clipperride » Mon Jun 01, 2009 2:13 am

Hi All,

As the first Apollo mission I really remember was Apollo 15, I have always had an interest in the area round Mount Hadley and Hadley Rille. The Rille has always escaped me at the EP - until tonight [:D]

It was a record session anyway as it is the first time in ages that I have managed to have the 'scope out four nights on the trot. The air seemed especially still in the early evening, so despite the twilight I ventured out. After an hour or so general scouting around I decided to see if I could bag the Rille once and for all. The shadows from the mountain range where just receeding and after ramping up the magnification all the way to my 2mm EP (600x) with Neodynium and light red filters attached, I finally caught a glimpse of the area around the Apollo 15 landing site.

I was grinning like a loon as I packed up and headed in. Let's hope this wonderful weather continues a while longer so I can see if I can also finally observe the craterlets on the floor of Plato


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