Hello everyone - just a few words of introduction

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Hello everyone - just a few words of introduction

Postby reddenning » Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:34 am

Hello from me,
I've been a passive reader for 4 months or so I reckon it's time I participated and introduced myself. I can't say I'm a newcomer to astronomy as I bought my first scope, a Vixen 80mm f15 Polaris refractor on a GEM from Astro Systems? in Luton (now defunct) in 1982. I've still got it and I wouldn't part with it as with 4 orthoscopic eyepieces it still produces pin sharp images for planetary observing. However my observing the heavens has been a little sparse since the 90ties. That is until my 6 year old grandson got interested in space and I got him a little 3inch Skywatcher "Heritage" reflector, We had a few sessions looking at the moon and Jupiter and I enjoyed it so much I decided to buy a larger modern scope. I was amazed at the wealth of scopes that amateurs could buy these days for very little comparatively. Pretty soon my old vixen refractor was joined by 4 other scopes ranging from two GOTO computer driven scopes a SW 130P Explorer Newtonian and a SW 127 MAK. I recently bought a Helios 200mm Dobonian on ebay in need of a little TLC and have enjoyed restoring that to better than new condition with upgraded accessories a good clean and realignment of the optics. Fortunately the mirrors were good under a thick layer of dust and a good soak in mild soapy distilled water and a rinse with distilled water and isopropyl worked wonders.

I've not done much DSO observing so far mainly planetary with Jupiter, Saturn and Mars being favourably placed though I just caught the end of Orion's winter display. I'm looking forward to the darker skies of Autumn and Winter to take in a few nebular and galaxies and meanwhile I'm relearning the night skies, constellations and main stars. Longer term I'd like to get into Astro photography though this looks like requiring a significant investment in kit.

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Re: Hello everyone - just a few words of introduction

Postby Aratus » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:29 pm

Hello - and welcome.

If you want to make a relatively cheap start to astrophotography, then something like this will give amazing results from the moon and planets. It is with such a camera that I started.

I use an 11" reflector (Celestron CPC 1100) and a 3" refractor, (Sky-Watcher ST80) mounted on an equatorial wedge, housed in a 2.2m Pulsar observatory. I use a ZWO ASI 120MM, ZWO ASI1600MC and Canon 1300D for imaging.
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