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Hello from me

Postby BigJock2007 » Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:50 pm

Hello everybody, just wanted to say hello as I am new to this forum, and to astronomy! I wondered which forum to join, but hey, as I grew up with Patrick Moore (RIP) I couldn't really join any other!

After much research, I bought what I thought would be a scope I could use as a starter, but would last me a couple of years into the hobby if I actually got hooked. So I shelled out for a Skywatcher 200 on an EQ5 mount. I built it carefully this last week and even though I haven't aligned the spotting scope yet, I couldn't wait so carried it out onto the lawn last night for a shot. I fitted the 25mm eyepiece without the Barlow for easy spotting.

I wasn't expecting anything, as I have read plenty of people being disappointed at their first night, but the sky was so clear I thought I would just point and try. Got it aligned quite easily with Polaris, which was shining brightly, and then spun it round to what I thought was a funny star - very bright but not twinkling. Now, I know you all probably know what that is, but hey this is my first time!

I think it helps that I shoot with both rifle and shotgun, because I just pointed the scope carefully, looked through the spotting scope and there she was. Using the RA and Dec knobs I scanned around and got the bright spot into view. Focused up and - I could not believe it! Even to a total novice like me, I instantly recognised Jupiter. A beautiful large grey sphere with soft brown lines running across her face. I focused carefully and was just amazed. She looked so far away, and yet close! I shot back into the house, grabbed the 10mm and the Barlow, then fitted one after the other.

I really can't believe I got such a great view on my first shot. After fitting the Barlow and the 10mm I could see what I am sure were four moons. One on the left (?) side, and three sitting at different distances out to the right. Seems to much of a coincidence to be anything else?

The cloud started to come over unfortunately, or actually probably a good thing as I was shivering a bit by now (no jacket in my excitement of course) so I covered everything up, picked her up and carried her back inside.

I am really chuffed at this first shot. If it's clear tonight I am going to try again - this time with some proper clothes, gloves and a mug of soup...!

I am looking forward to learning how to align and set the scope, and with my two boys look for more planets, comets or satellites, or the moon the first time she is properly out. After that, I'm going to try and find something colourful in Orion - I have read that's one of the easier ones.

All the best, look forward to joining in the forum!

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Re: Hello from me

Postby dave.b » Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:20 am

Moments like that stay with you and to a certain degree repeat themselves every time you see Jupiter or Saturn for the first time in a season.
Another relatively easy target to feast your eyes on is the Orion nebula, M42.

Keep posting!

Clear skies
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Re: Hello from me

Postby BigJock2007 » Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:25 pm

Yup, if I hadn't been so cold I would have spent a bit of time looking around Orion too, as the 3 stars of his belt were very bright. Totally cloudy last night, and not looking good today either, but I think that will be next as soon as we have a clear sky. Thanks.
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