hello from Seattle

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hello from Seattle

Postby ciprian » Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:10 am

Hello all,

I've got my first "real" telescope almost 2 years ago - it was a Meade DS2080 goto telescope (80mm refractor) and despite its small size, it got me "hooked" to astronomy.
After just a few months, I've upgraded to a Celestron 6SE and this year I got an old but big Coulter (13.1 inch)
I've got interested in astrophotography - and I use a Meade DSI II Pro or a Canon DSLR (piggy-back or prime focus) for that.

Also, I'm working (in my spare time) on a free planetarium website [url=http://www.skymaponline.net]Sky Map Online[/url] especially when it's cloudy.[;)] I'm adding new features to that website on weekly basis. But so far it features an interactive sky map with over 1.2 million stars (all stars up to magnitude 12), javascript based (no special plug-in or runtime required), with different options (telrad finder, hide/show constellations, etc), messier catalogue, planetary data, etc [:D]
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