Home built obsrvatory for sale

Home built obsrvatory for sale

Postby stargazeruk » Wed Oct 14, 2009 3:33 pm

I am reluctantly selling my 'observatory'. It is an 8' x 6' wooden apex shed with a roll off roof, which extends to 14 feet. It may not be the best design or even the most atractive design but it is very practical and does what it says on the tin :O) I will include a steel pier approx 4" square around a metre high and will include a 'thing' to attach the telescope mount to. I used an 8" Reflector on it. The roof will need refelting and i will provide that.

Will sell for £190 and may be able to deliver (at cost of diesel) upto 150 miles from Spalding, Lincs. Please email me: stargazeruk@talktalk.net

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