Imaging Source DFK21F04 Colour Firewire Camera

Imaging Source DFK21F04 Colour Firewire Camera

Postby shinjukumaster » Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:33 pm

[font="ms sans serif"][size="2"]This is an IS DFK21F04 planetary camera - colour version, with IR filter - effective >700nm (could be removed if not required). It uses the Sony 1/4" ICX098BQ CCD sensor. Complete with drivers/software (IC Capture - but can be used with other common astronomy software)on CD, and 1.25 nosepiece. I have a test frame, and dark frame, available - there is one hot pixel. Shipping (UK only) by RMSD would be around 5.00. Will ship overseas. Camera is in excellent condition. Over 300.00 new. 185.00 Payment by Paypal (net of fees), BT, or cheque.[/size][/font]
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