Jupiter with iPhone

Jupiter with iPhone

Postby james s » Sun Jan 01, 2012 6:43 pm


This is the most ridiculous thing ever:

a photograph of Jupiter taken with an iPhone 4S which was aimed into the eyepiece of my Lightbridge 12" Newt with the manual Dob mount.

There is some kind of reflection behind the main image too which is awful!

It is likely the worst photo ever taken and then submitted to this forum, but there are two unmistakeable things about it that struck me and they are...

1/ it is very obvious that Jupiter's disc shown here is slightly squashed due to its high rate of spin (28,273mph approx.)

2/ it is possible to identify the two main cloud bands the SEB and the NEB - again another unmistakeable signature of Jupiter.

So, although I myself gasp at the cheekiness of submitting such dross. I was just a little bit pleased with it for some reason...


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