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Knowing when to give in

Postby ed_holden » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:36 pm

Here at Holden Heights I've been cultivating a Laurel bush to grow large enough to shield my garden and house from a nearby street light. After several years of growth, it has only now just reached the height where I can bask in the glorious shade at night. [:D] However, just last week I received this letter from a neighbour:

To the occupier of holden heights

This is from your next door neighbours, we are writing to ask you would you be willing to let us cut down some of the laurel bush at the end of your driveway, as it is blocking the street light out of our drive at night, so it is very dark when anybody comes to call, and they can not see the house and car in the drive when coming down the road, so we are asking you this by letter, so you dont have to answer you door.

If you agree we can cut the bush, you dont need to contact us, we will presume it is alright to do so, but if you dont wont the bush touched will you let us know before the 1st March 2011 by letter or call here, as we will start to cut it after that date.

Thank you

Mr Forster.


Dear Mr. Forster,

You are very welcome to remove the bush (you may as well take it down completely, including the roots, to avoid having to do it again). Had I known it was an issue, I would have asked my son to cut it down long ago. If I had my way, I'd cut down the street light - I find the light shining into my house to be an annoyance - it never occurred to me that someone might actually want the light!

As you may have noticed, there are building materials on my driveway - these are from an unfinished garden project started in 2009. However, in that year, I became very ill, and my ongoing poor health has prevented me from finishing it. That illness is in addition to the one I developed in 2002, hence the lack of garden maintenance.

If anything else about my property affects the enjoyment of yours, please feel free to correct the issue - no need to request permisson. My hope is that my health improves enough to enable me to be a better neighbour.


Ed Holden.


Dear Mr Ed Holden,

Just to say thank you for letting me and my wife cut the bush on your front garden this last week, it has made a big difference to the light on our front. I could not get the roots out, but have put some root killer on the stumps, so they should not shoot again, but if they do will see to them. We just trimmed the others there too. I will be painting the fence soon, so hope this is alright to come on your garden again. You will see that your green bin is full, but will put it out for the bin men next week with ours.

Sorry to read about your ill health, we do hope you improve very soon, you are a good neighbour, and if ever we see you outside we hope we get the chance to say hello.

Our best wishes

Reg & Elaine Forster

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