M78 - LRGB

M78 - LRGB

Postby Gordon Haynes » Fri Jan 30, 2015 1:58 pm

Normally I do narrow band due to light pollution unless the subject is high up near the zenith and there is no moon. I thought I would have a go at M78 as it is a subject that has always appealed to me, the problem being that I can only image it once Orion has cleared my house and by then it has already gone past its highest position in the sky and I am shooting directly over houses where the bedroom lights are on until very late into the night so conditions are far from ideal. Because of this I have had to crop the image considerably as there were two large "light flairs" in opposite corners of the image where part of the data had to be shot when the subject was relatively close to a lit bedroom window.
This was taken with my Televue NP127/FLI PL16803 astrograph on my Paramount ME
Exposure times were
28x10 minutes Luminance
12x10 minutes Red
8x10 minutes Green
12x10 minutes Blue
Overall I'm pleased with the result as the detail and colour of M78 is there
Best wishes
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