Maksutov deep sky imaging

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Maksutov deep sky imaging

Postby glennbech » Tue Aug 26, 2008 3:10 pm

I'm tempted to try some deep sky imaging with my f/12 Maksutov for closeups of for example globular clusters or brighter galaxies like M51.

My Idea is to go "brute force" and do lots of 10-15 minute guided shots with all the disadvantages that come with that (airplanes, ISS etc.). There is also a question about guiding here. Im using a 400mm refractor for guiding. I could barlow it to 800mm when I get some tube rings....

Is this madness? I can't stop drooling over the though of filling the entire 6 Megapixel sensor of the 10D with for example a globular. I should be spectacular!?

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RE: Maksutov deep sky imaging

Postby brianb » Tue Aug 26, 2008 5:56 pm

Or thoughts?

Worth having a go ... I suspect you will probably find you need the Barlow on the guide scope, and you may possibly find out that your mount isn't good enough in the sense of not vibrating under wind gusts etc.

Don't worry about aircraft, satellites and other vermin. As long as you have a good number of light frames, median or kappa sigma stacking will get rid of them with no noticeable loss of quality. I'd rather have 20 x 5 min subs than 10 x 10 min subs for that reason alone ... but more, shorter subs will also reduce the amount of time you waste with frames damaged by drifting cloud, which isn't as easy to process out.

I think you may well have heavy vignetting if you try to use the whole frame area of your DSLR, but it's worth a go and even if the vignetting is severe you can still make nice images by either flat framing (which does, however, take a considerable time to do properly) or cropping the image to remove the darkened corners.
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RE: Maksutov deep sky imaging

Postby psychobilly » Tue Aug 26, 2008 6:13 pm

Hi Glenn,

Whilst proper flats are always the best I am starting to get some half decent results with DBE using PixInsightLE..I have also purchased the GradientXTermiantor plug-in for PS/CS which is also very good when use in conjunction with Noel Carnonis Astro Actions for PS/CS.

It's taken a while to get going with DBE I now use manual point selection especially for pics with a lot of nebulosity.

I did some experiments earlier this year with the different ratios between the focal length of the Imagign and guide scopes and was quite suprised by the results with guide software now able to do reasonable subpixel guiding you no longer need to follow the lthe old advice of guide being equal to or ideally longer FL than the imager.

I am sure some may disagree...

Will be intersting to see your results :)


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Re: Maksutov deep sky imaging

Postby Th@ManAgain » Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:32 pm

It's been nearly ten years now, I suppose Glenn's still having "thoughs" :) :lol:
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