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Exoplanet Excursions - August 2018

Is anyone else a fan of Jon Culshaw's Exoplanet Excursions in the magazine? This month he visits a three star system and lands on a moon orbiting a gas giant. As always, it's a brilliant fusion of fact and the contents of Jon's imagination! The moon of HD131399Ab appears to be a tricky place to leave, lucky the Perihelion's interdimensional propulsion regulators held up!
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Green light in night sky?

So yesterday I went out to do some milky way photography. When reviewing photos I noticed a green light in one of my test shots. I didn't see it with my own eyes, because I was stil setting up the camera. So I'm asking if any one of you would know what the greenish light is.
green light.jpg
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Where is moderator?

Where is moderator?

(sorry formy english)

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July 2018 S@N Podcast - Blue Dot Festival Special

I've just listened to the excellent S@N Magazine podcast (search for "Radio Astronomy" to find it) from Jodwell Bank. I've never been to the Blue Dot Festival but I've been to Jodwell Bank, brilliant day out!

The podcast has an interesting lesson on Cold War era space exploration with Dr Rachael Platonov, a splendid Astrophysics lesson from Prof Philippa Browning and Prof Monica Grady explaining the Drake equation.

Nice to hear Monica Grady saying that ...
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Cannot see the telescope slewed object.

I am a new comer to the forum.
I own a Celestron advanced vx 8 telescope with German Equatorial mount. The equipment is equipped with Celestron Skyportal skyQ link software. The observing is done by pinpointing an sky object in the software planetarium and the telescope slewed to the selected object which is shown as a the blue cross button.The telescope is right on the object but I cannot see anything through my eyepiece. Is ...
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Problems uploading to Hotshots Gallery.

I'm trying to make an upload to the Astrophotography Hotshots gallery, but i always get a Http error whenever i try to upload my image.
"An HTTP error 0 occurred. <br />/filefield/ahah/gallery_image/field_image/0"
I've even tried making the image a lot smaller than the 8mb stated but it still wont work.
I've tried various browsers and turned of my antivirus.
Can anyone help me please?
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Hi now I know I’ve only have a couple of posts but I have noticed people don’t seem to be keen on answering questions and at my level I need all the help I can get example I introduced myself I’ve had thirty views not one reply so I started looking about and some member posted a question has had 2500 views and only 5/reply’s if I can’t get help on here where can I ...
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I'm having problems logging in. It keeps saying I'm banned! :shock: Obviously it works occasionally otherwise I wouldn't be able to post. Anyone else having this problem?
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‘The Sky at Night’ Lunik 2 Moon landing date.

Anyone know why the world renowned astronomer/presenter of the BBC’s ‘The Sky at Night’, Sir Patrick Moore appears to say the Lunik 2 landed on the Moon (hit the Moon at great speed) in September 1939 during the 27 September 1960 episode of The Sky at Night – ‘The Moon’ after about 2 minutes into the show. This episode is available to see on the BBC iPlayer. Anybody who has seen the comic 2012 film ...
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