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Re: How far is a Light year?

how do you know that? there is a source of information
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Re: How to write an essay on the topic sky at night?

I was under the impression that writing essays was a method of assessing a person's knowledge, understanding and grasp of a particular subject. :o If the work is too hard for you, don't do the course! :shock:
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Sky at Night competitions

Can anyone explain why S@N competitions are always for UK readers only? As a resident of another country I have been paying my subscription for many, many years. Why am I excluded from competitions? What's so hard about giving an Amazon voucher to someone in another country? Amazon is international and so is the magazine. We're all in the same galaxy, people.
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Special Editions

Hi All
Does anyone have a complete list of all the Sky at Night special editions that have been released.
I have tried to search the foums but havn't found any item relating to this.

Any help would be appreciated

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want Meteor shower free software :)

meteor detector shower software ... free good software please

someone have any tips ?????

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Is this a meteor?

I took a photo of a full moon on 11/4/2017 0302GMT on an old phone. Just got a new phone and noticed something. Any ideas? How do i submit a smaller file or show the while image to someone?
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Spherical projection mirror

Does anyone use one of these? I find them interesting and was thinking about purchasing. There's one for sale on ebay. I was thinking of directly integrating.
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Music and Astrology

Music and Astrology :

Astrological considerations- indications necessary for a musician

The speech (voice) is governed by the second house (from Lagna) in a horoscope.

Mercury is considered the planet (Karaka)
which has control over speech ( Voice).

So, if the second house,
The lord ( ruler) of the second house,
And the karaka-Mercury
Are strong,

We can say that the native viz., the owner of the horoscope is sure to have a sweet voice ...
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Baader Hyperion Eyepieces

I recently bought an Astro Vixen Binocular with 2 x Baader Modular eyepieces but can't get on with them.
What am I doing wrong?
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Downloading Classic episodes Downloading Classic episodes

Hello. A while ago, I enquired how I could download classic episodes of The Sky at Night,from the bonus content, for watching on the computer, when an internet connection is not available. When the episodes were on the CD, there was no problem. I received a reply, from Admin, I believe, giving details of a way around this problem. Unfortunately, I did not use the information right away and I did not jot down the ...
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