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server error issues solving

service host is connected to the system. There are too many CPU are connected to the server hosting. when the server hosting not work due to the reason for server error, network resolve this error you can contact the service host service provider company. we are providing that service in our system.
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Back with a new scope!

It's been a while since I was here, but I'm coming back into Astronomy with a new scope (a very early Father's Day pressie)
I can't accommodate a big scope, and there's no way I'm leaving a big expensive scope out in the garden round here. So I decided on a little spotter, an Orion GoScope III 70mm. I currently have a 75mm spotter but its a birding scope and only has a 27x eyepiece. ...
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MONO camera came today, WITH whole sky lens for imaging met

MONO camera came today, WITH whole sky lens for imaging meteors etc



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The Space Elevator and Sun's gravity

I was wondering if the space elevator ever was constructed would it be able lift very heavy objects off the earth.

As far as I know there comes a point far away from the earth where the earth's gravity is too weak to hold onto objects and the sun's gravity kicks in and begins to pull the object towards itself. If the space elevator cable was super long, could it be extended so far that ...
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Mars images from Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity

I am reaching out as part of a citizen science project sponsored by ESA called LabelMars.

Thousands of images of Mars taken by Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity Rovers have been made available to the project.

We're looking for help from the community to label geological features within the images taken from these past missions. This will be used to form the basis future robotic exploration missions to Mars and also enable large-scale analysis of the ...
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Expanding Universe

Astrophysicists have indicated that the universe is expanding faster (stretching) and that the further Galaxies are away from our own Galaxy the faster they appear to be moving away. I have also assumed that when we look at Galaxies further away we are in effect looking back in time. So when we look at those distant Galaxies, are we not seeing their speed as it was in the past not as it is now?
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(Depth of Field)

As a professional sports photographer (I shoot for Classic Cars Magazine) and freelance journalist I know the importance of DOF (Depth of Field)

What I found the other day was the apparent shallow DOF of my two scopes.

Is there a way to calculate the DOF of a scope for terrestrial shooting and I presume that DOF also makes a difference when imaging the Moon for example.

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Orion skyscanner

I am new to this and looking for advice .
I have an Orion skyscanner 100mm , f4 , I would like to take pictures of the moon and other planets ... It came with 10 and 20 mm eyepiece .. they are not the best ..Any suggestions on which eyepiece go best with this scope , I'm also looking to buy barlows but have read conflicting reports on what ones are useful for ...
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