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Can I plug my book?? DARK:The AtoZ Of Astronomy & The Cosmos

Hello everyone,

I hope you don't mind me posting here to shamelessly plug and try to drum up some support for my book?

If it's any consolation, this project definitely isn't with the expectation of long-term financial gain... this is definitely somewhat of a labour of love!

My book DARK: The A to Z OF Astronomy & The Cosmos is hopefully to be published with UNBOUND - who are fantastic but involved achieving a number ...
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Prime Focus

Just been experimenting with the new telescope and the camera. This is a shot of an ariel cable junction box on a chimney on a house 200m down the street. The camera is a Sony A300 DSLR and I was never able to get it to focus on the Dobsonium but it seems much more at home on the SCT.

At first the camera was on the A setting and it wouldn't take a picture ...
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New to Astronomy.

Hello every one,
After reading numerous articles on recommended telescopes for first time purchasers, there seems to be a few to choose from. Refractor telescope is what i am looking for with the ability to be mechanised for following celestial bodies.
Sturdy build is key to me especially reading some fastener mechanisms seemed cumbersome. No budget in mind and if any body could recommend some starter reading material that would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards.
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Birthday Present

It's my birthday this week so we booked a trip to Ireland for the craic! Probably might have been better to have come last week or to have arranged for a week's extension to the heatwave! Still here's a picture of my birthday present...
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Is there a nightly database of pictures of the night sky?

Is there a center for pictures captured by amateur astronomer or alike?
I am looking to see if there are any organizations that gather pictures of world-wide night sky.
I doubt it, but I must ask.
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Gaia - what a telescope!

It's clear to me that ESA's Gaia spacecraft is going to be one of the most productive scientific missions ever.
In the 4 years it's been 'in service' it's measured the position in 3 dimensions of 1.7 Billion stars, equivalent to over 14 per second.
The motions of stars has been measured as well, including stars out as far as the Magellanic Clouds.

The most recent S@N TV programme gave a superb overview of the ...
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Star Disk

While taking a short break in the Peak District National Park, I came across this 'star disk' or planisphere high on a hill overlooking the town of Wirksworth.


Each of the seats represent a viewing date and time as on a conventional planisphere. The weather wasn't so good, with rain threatening, but well worth the hike up to the top of the hill. I very quickly spotted a mistake! Actually I rather like the ...
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Me and Patrick Moore

I was looking through some old Sky at Night stuff and found my sons and I at the 50th Anniversary do at Patricks of the LIVE Sky at Night.



The photos show Simon in a blue baseball cap and David in a blue blazer next to Piers Sellers and Me in a white shirt to the right with a copy of BANG

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When I was nine years old my Mother

When I was nine years old my Mother dragged me to Gurnsey for a week to visit friends that I had never seen before or since ?

However, whilst there she bought me my first telescope, I remember it to this day, with a terrible telescopic tripod that extended all of 3 feet. I, and the rest later went into the garden to look at the Moon.

Amazing, found a MINT one last week for ...
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