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Astronomy Forums

This is my new webpage site that links to my favourite forums: ... rumst.html

It includes here!
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Astronomical Interest

I have added a new page to my website that contains links to items of astronomical interest: ... erest.html

Any suitable additions, please reply.
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New Observations and Photos Page

You can now access all of my observations and photos via one web page: ... otost.html
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General Interest Page

I'm revamping my website yet again. I'm finding keeping one common drop-down menu for all web pages very unwieldy and difficult to maintain.

My first new page provides links to several general interest places, such as the BBC:

If you have any such sites that you visit often and would interest others, please post your suggestions here. Unfortunately, I cannot include adult content, as I wish the website ...
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The Sky at Night, The Real Star of Bethlehem The Sky at Night, The Real Star of Bethlehem


Just saw the new episode of "The Sky at Night, The Real Star of Bethlehem: A Christmas Special" and have a question about the candidates for the 'star'.

During the comet section,(and other parts) the presenter spoke of a comet in the East, which was near the Sun so it gave of a bright tail. Also, the Helical Star rising in the East before sunrise...But, the 3 Kings would be coming from the East ...
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Black Hole In Action

Hi gang,

Take a look at this truly amazing image of the galaxy known as Hercules A. The image is a composite from a number of telescopes and shows what intricate can be shown by creating images in this way. The image shows a supermassive black hole and it's influences on the surrounding materials. Please take a look here

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Over your shoulder!!

Hi Gang,

This is just one of those images that make you realise just why we need to keep the exploration of the solar system going. This image from CASSINI shows two of Saturn's moon Dione and Enceladus. The moons are composed of the same materials (almost!) and should look the same in the sky. You can see in the image that Dione is considerably darker. Find out why here

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New Clue In Galaxy Formation

Hi Gang,

The Vista Telescope has shown for the first time, that monster galaxies existed when the universe was in it's infancy. This gives astronomers a way of studying the morphology of galaxies and how they formed in the early universe. To see the images and read the science go here

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Should I continue?

Hi Gang,

I understand that not everyone wants to post on this website but I would like to know whether it is worth my while posting these links. Should I continue or stop? Please let me know, a simple yes stop, or no continue will suffice!

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