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Any tips for using a 60x o.zoom camcorder for Moon/planets?

I have a low light Sony 60x optical zoom camcorder. Has anyone else tried to use video cameras for planet and Moon photography? If so, any tips would be appreciated.
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flash in sky

Hi all I live in north west England im not really big on sky watching but last Tuesday night me and a friend were looking up to see if we could see satelites as it was a clear night. We both seen this little flash in the sky like the flash of electric arc, it was deep space and both of us seen it. did anyone else see it.Does anyone have any idea what it ...
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UK Space Mission Education Scheme Fundraiser

Hello everyone,

I am a genuine subscriber to the magazine (for 2 years now) and I love the show (however I missed the Juno episode :( ) however I am posting because this seems like the best place to find people who may support this. I am a volunteer running a campaign to raise funding for me and my group to take education materials to schools around ...
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Astrophotography collaboration

I am interested in image processing, but I do not have good enough equipment to take my own images to edit. If anyone is willing to share their unprocessed images for me to edit I would be grateful :)
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Astrofarm in France - as featured on TV

I don't know if anyone here follows the daytime programme "A New LIfe in the Sun", but the last season featured a couple who have set up an Astrofarm near Limoges in western France. As we half knew the couple anyway, we booked in for a couple of nights on our return from our recent holiday.
If you're interested in visiting a rural site with really good dark skies, we can recommend it.

In terms ...
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Black Holes.....

A Black Hole has a mass - right?

Is it an object or an area of space?
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Telescope Storage High Temperature Question


I have a reflector telescope which I am storing it in a closed room in the desert in Dubai where the temperature can go up 52 Celsius in summer.
Is that OK to store it the room or it will be damaged or something.
Please provide any solutions if you have.

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U.F.O posing as stars???

Today me and a freind were looking at some stars when we noticed a group of 3 stars that were perectly symetrical to each other forming a triangle (one brighter star at the top and two dimmer stars at the bottom). while looking at the brighter star we noticed that as it moved through the sky the two dimmer stars moved with it, all 3 stars were moving in perect sync. We found it quite ...
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Skywatcher skyhawk synscan telescope 1145p

Hello there I've juat got this for chirstmas now I've always been into stars plants etc.
I got this fir Christmas and I have a few scopes (eye pieces) x5 barlow lens x3 barlow lens super 10mm but what can I get to actually see the planets please I can see the moon perfectly but planets still looks like stars. Thank you for your help
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My first telescope revisited - after 45 years.

I recently bought a second hand version of my very first telescope. The Tasco 4VTE was a Christmas present from my parents back in 1971. It cost them around £16, which is an incredible £220 in today's money. This telescope was a 40mm refractor with a zoom type eyepiece giving magnifications of 25x to 50x. I used it until the early 1980s when the rack and pinion focuser broke, and eventually it was thrown out. ...
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