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Could new survey solve the dark matter mystery?

Hi Gang,
A new survey using the VLT at Paranal in Chile aims to discover the mystery surrounding dark matter. A huge new survey using various visual aspects of the observed galaxy will give clues to the dark matter surrounding it. Read the full story here

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Now that's what you would say was a black hole!

Hi Gang,
The amazing Keck telescopes of Hawaii have recorded a record mass black hole at the centre of Galaxy CID-947 which is 11 billion light years away. The monster at the centre of the galaxy is a whopping 10% of the entire mass of the galaxy. Read the full report on the discovery here

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We're off to Mars again!!

Hi gang,

The next big Mars mission is alm ost ready for launch. ExoMars 2016 is a two stage mission with an orbiter and a rover. The rover will be equiped with a drill to extend down into the surface approximately two metres. At this depth the search for microbial life may have it's best chance of showing itself. Take a look at the video presentation here

I understand the search for extra-terrestrial life, ...
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Wolf Volcano

Hi Gang,

We have been used recently to seeing eruptions in far off places. Ise eruptions on Enceladus- Sulphur eruptions on Io. Here is a view of an eruption from space but this one is from the Galapagos Islands and shows the eruption from Wolf Volcano as seen in May this year. A very interesting image IMHO, take a look for yourselves here

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Beautiful new(ish!) stars

Hi Gang,

To get a good contrasted picture you need two colours that are fairly opposites. This is such an image. It shows the amazingly young bright white stars of the cluster NGC 2367 painted against the background red of an ancient nebula. Take a look at this breathtaking image here

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Some great space images are a bit closer to home!

Hi gang,
We are all used to seeing great images of far away places as seen by remote imagers on space probes. Some truly amazing images are a lot closer to home. Take a look at this image of the area around Queen Elizabeth base in Antartica. This could easily be an image from anywhere amongst the solar system. Take a look at this and take your time to look around at other Earth from ...
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Gas Jets come from sinkholes!

Hi Gang,

Ever wondered where the jets on comets originate? Well this web page shows the way! These amazing images from Rosetta show that the jets come from the sinkholes on the surface of comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko. Take a look at the science of the jets here

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Stellar Sparklers

Hi Gang,
How long this spectacular sparklers display will last we just don't know but most of the stars in this nebula are less than two million years old! When you consider that the Sun has been burning for four and a half billion years, this really is no time at all!! It's an amazing image anyhow take a look here
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Counting Stars

Hi Gang,
Ever wondered how they produce the images of "our" galaxy? Here is a slightly different way to work out just how to produce these images, take a look here
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Hunter's Night: Inspired by that 70k BP ~1LY pass...

I was astonished to read else-where that a dim RedDwarf & Companion had scooted by within a light-year about 70k years BP. Finding a nice article in SkyAtNight was a lovely bonus.

Although 'Meteor Crater' dates to about 50k BP, there do not seem to be any mega-holes from that era. This suggests its Oort objects missed us. Of course, if the pass stirred up ours, they could still be in-bound. That thought sent me ...
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