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Martian topography

Hi Gang,
Take a look at these superb Martian topography images taken by the High Resolution Stereo Camera on board the Mars Express probe. The detail in these images are simply stunning!
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Finally on it's way!!

Hi Gang,
The Jumo probe to Jupiter is finally on it's way after a gilitch in it's systems made the probe unexpectedly go into safe mode during it's fly by maneuver. It took an amazing image on it's way too. To read the full story and see the image go here
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What A Shame.

:x :x :x Hi Gang,
It had been a while since I was last on this website and I have to admit that I am astounded at the lack of posting of late! The world of astronomy (if you pardon the pun!) is groing by the day, new discoveries are being ...
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A Galactic Bubble with a big surprise!

Hi Gang,
When most people think of missions that have changed our way of thinking astronomically, then most would say that The Hubble Space Telescope is tops-and I would agree. However, there are many whose contributions miss out slightly in the limelight. One of the best is Herschel, this probe has sent back some amazing images as well as breathtaking science. If you have the time take a look arouns this infrared telescope's website. You ...
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Sky at Night axe?

Is it true that the Beeb are considering axing the TV programme? If so what will happen to the magazine
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Barn door Trackers

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has built a motorised barndoor tracker?

As I'm from the UK I'm having trouble finding a 10-32 threaded rod, so I'm looking to sub it for a M6 threaded rod.

I'm going to be using a an Arduino connected to a driver board & Motor.

I was wondering what exactly do I need to take into account by changing the rod? (maybe the speed/steps) but I can't help thinking ...
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cd rom needed please

Has anyone got the Sky at Night cd rom with the Cartes de ciel star charts on i can borrow please?
Thanks :-)
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Patrick Moore & The Cedric Allingham Hoax Patrick Moore & The Cedric Allingham Hoax

I happened to watch a documentary about UFO sightings in the UK which mentioned the book "Flying Saucer from Mars" by Cedric Allingham. Mr Allingham claimed to have met a space man from Mars whilst holidaying in Scotland (Cedric was on holiday, not the extraterrestrial!)

As this was obviously a hoax I was interested to read his book and found a cheap copy online. One thing I noticed straight away was the telescope pictured along ...
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upgrade from skywatcher 130p

I have at the moment a skywatcher 130p and wish to upgrade to another scope with same capabilities (go-to mount or gps etc). the telescope I have at the moment is good but I want to get a little closer to the action.. I saw the wild duck cluster the other night it was good, but wished I could see a little closer...oohh also taking into consideration cost etc. I also have a dslr ...
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has the sky at night tv show lost its way?

hey all i dont want to rock the boat here BUT.
Has any1else noticed the diference in the tv show over the last few months. I understand Sir Patrick is a man who will never be replaced but i feel sky at night has changed for the worse. I feel the program has started to rely to much on cgi and demonstration and lost the in depth content the 1-2-1 interviews the show use to ...
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