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11 years of sun

This playlist shows the Sun from 2004 to 2014. Photos are drawings of sunspots, photos and photographs. From 2005 the photos include some in hydrogen alpha light with my Coronado PST for which I became famous: ... vhL0aMKl7j
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Santa's Woes

Now the BBC Science boards are now closed, I'm not sure where to post this. Santa is facing many threats, financial and environmental. Firstly, the EU has reduced their contribution to him and the possibility of countries, like the UK leaving the UK, mean that his funding could be cut even further. The SNP policy is that an independent Scotland would not financially support Father Christmas. Apart from UKIP, who are undecided whether a UK ...
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Comet this morning?

Forgive me if this has been noted although I can't see anywhere and am a newbie, but, the Cat woke me at 5:30am and when I looked East at about 20-25 degrees I saw a bright fuzzy patch. I thought it was cloud in front of a star. I took a closer look to see that it was clear and in fact was a fuzzy patch. Looking through the telescope on low magnification it was ...
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Best star atlas for a beginner ?

My wife has just bought me my first reflector telescope with an EQ5 mount having expressed an interest in astronomy for years but never got round to doing anything ! Now I want to get my first start atlas. Can any of you advise what's the best one for a beginner please ?
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New website and domain

I have now registered my own domain and copied my website here:

If you haven't visited before, it links to my recent content such as my observations and photo blog and has links to important places, such as this forum and the BBC home page.
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cheap usb dongle for radio astronomy

hi to all
this is my first post here ,and I was just wondering if anyone has used the cheap rtl usb dongle for radio astronomy
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Open University-Certificate in Astro & Planetary Sci

Is anyone doing the OU's Cert APS?

I'm doing it over two years, starting with the Astronomy part . I live near the Northants/Oxon/Warks border and I'm looking to start a study group if there is anyone local. Milton Keynes is also an option for a study group location.
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Whatever happened to the Spaced Out project?

I'm looking at organising a trip with some friends to all of the places that the Spaced Out project was going to install objects in to represent a 1: 15 000 000 scale of the Solar System. Does anyone know if the project was completed? I found the website which hasn't been updated in seven years and emails using the web form or directly to the address they ...
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Question for Moderators: Free online stuff

I'm currently writing for a free online magazine. Am I allowed to "advertise" here?

I do not make any money from it.
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Antikythera mechanism

I'm sure that most of you good folks here will be familiar with the Antikythera Mechanism - the 2100 year old gear driven orrery like machine found in a ship wreck off Greece.
For those that only have vague recollections of this incredible device, it was a machine the size of a shoe box that could accurately predict where in the heavens to look for all the major heavenly bodies known at the time. It ...
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