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Hi Gang,
Is anyone out there going to view the total eclipse and if so are you taking photographic equipment with you? I am envious as this is one event I would dearly like to see!
John jsc248.
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RE: Purchasing binoculars etc. in the USA - 26/2/2006 11:38:47 PM

 RE: Purchasing binoculars etc. in the USA - 26/2/2006 11:38:47 PM

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I am off to the USA shortly for a long weekend and am hoping to purchase a pair of binoculars and was wondering did anyone have any experience purchasing astronomy items across the pond considering the difference in the Dollar and the Pound.
I did a search recently and seen a pair of Fujinon ...

Which Filters?

Can anyone advise me as to what would comprise an all round selection of filters. By 'all round' I mean for lunar, planetary and deep sky. At present, I have none at all, I know there are filters for every conceivable object but the choice is quite considerable and I'm not sure what I should be starting with. All advice appreciated, TVM

Kev G
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Apo or not

Hello, it is my first time on any forum of any kind . I have been interested in naked eye and binocular astronomy for several years although seeing very little with my 10 /50 s due to light polution. I am thinking of buying a telescope but space and the fact that i observe where or whenever i can has brought me to the conclusion that a small refractor or a bigger pair of binoculars ...
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how the weather taunts me

The weather once again looks down and laughs! the sky had started to break up earlier this afternoon and my hopes were raised for a clear(ish) sky. Then however as the sun started to dip, in rushed the clouds to mock me. for years they have played this game with us- surely they must be bored of this game by now?
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Got the 10" Dobsonian and i cant wait to use it!

Just gotta wait for the clear skies *fingers crossed*

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which way round........?

SOmeone said there hadnt been many posts on the forum so here goes with a daft question!
My refractor has a prism so the image is right way up but " flipped" left to right.
When comparing the night sky to a star map I am assuming that the whole of the sky, as seen thru the scope, is "the wrong way round". Have I got this right?
Sorry to be so naive, Pete
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Are you sitting comfortably?

I'd like to tell you a story.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time there was a lady called Alison who had a wide range of ‘topics’ that interested her - some of which she’d dabbled into, and others (astronomy to name but one) whose surface hadn’t even been scratched. One day, in late August 2005, just a few days before her birthday, Alison and her husband Mick went to Jessops ...
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Collimation of Skywatcher MAC 127 EQ3-2

Hello All,
I'm new to my scope etc,and I have been told that if your scope goes off ie. gets knocked, it will prob need collimating? How will I know when its off and how can it be done on my telescope.

Rick D.
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heavy traffic?

Is there a busy time here in the forum? or is it dribs and drabs? wet rainy nights I guess are popular. I work all sorts of shifts so I should be able to pop in quite often, I look forward to many interesting sessions.
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