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Happy Birthday Kamerabug

Happy Birthday Leonard!!!
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What astro software?

I have just downloaded and started to use Cartes du Ciel seems to be perfect is there any need to buy anything like starrynigt for a new student of the universe?
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where to go?

Hello everybody.
Can anyone please tell me where is the closest dark skies low light polution place? Some months ago I moved to GB and live in Bristol, so my knowledge of the area isnt so great yet. Every reply will be appreciated and valued.
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Which way should a Pier Face ???

I have just bought a pier for the ETX and am now wondering which way the pier/wedge should face. ????? Is it true or magnetic north ????? I nornally set up the ETX to magnetic north in Az/el mode but want to try equatorial mode.

many thanks,

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Hollow Moon..yes hollow??

I've just been watching an interview with Alan Moore, the graphic novelist and nephew of PM. He said that when he was younger PM had told him that there was a moon somewhere in our solar system-(sorry can't remember which moon!)- which was this true and if so which moon is it??
Also, if it does exist, how did it come to be hollow??..cheers Padswift
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Orion Image-The Smithy??

Hi guys and gals,
Just looking through a few of the images on Hubblesite, and came across this excellent picture of the Orion nebular..apparantly one of the clearest and most detailed pictures to date. I really love it, not only because Orion is one of my favourite constilations, but because of somthing I only spotted after I decided to use it as desktop wallpaper- try and spot the smithy at work, on the right hand ...
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Happy Birthday

I see it is Colinwb's birthday


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How many have dedicated observatories?


I am interested to know how many people on here have dedicated observatories? I know skywatcer has an awesome dome setup (very informative site - I think I read everypage), and Big Dipper has a "tin shed".

I would like to think, if I got a house and a reasonable garden, a dome would go up sharpish!

I on the other hand have a balcony (can't afford a garden!). It is 6 floors up ...
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BORG vs Orion

Borg vs Orion
Again thanks for all the friendly welcome notes posted to my introduction ...much appreciated.
As I mentioned I'm definitely looking for a new scope...and now it looks like I have the green light from my wife ( I hope she realises she will loss me
to the back garden from now !)
I really want a telescope that does everything (good for observational as well as imaging), is easily portable and ...
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May be gone for a short while


I may be gone...........I just don't know. My father died yesterday - very suddenly & without any history of illness. I'm still in a state of shock but thought I'd do a post in case anyone was wondering where I'd got to. On the other hand I may be posting twice as often.
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