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Building Telescopes

Has anyone here built their own telescope?
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Colimation and smaller scopes


Just got an Europa 200 and have ordered a new 9 x 50 90-degree finder (due to the hubby carrying the tube assembly through the house without removing other crappier finder).

Apart from whacking myself on the head a lot while trying to use the scope and forgetting where the knobs and locks are I am fairly new at this malarky, fun though it is.

I have two questions:

1. how often do people ...
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What got and keeps you interested?

Hi everyone,

I was thinking about how I got interested in astronomy, and decided it might make for good conversation if we were all to share our experiences. So, what got everyone else interested? Are there any particular areas that interest you more than others? Feel free to elaborate on any different experiences, future plans or anything related really. :)

I can’t remember when exactly I first got interested in astronomy, but it must have ...
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Catadioptrics vs reflectors, what can you expect?

If I were to buy a 10 inch catadioptric and compare the image quality to a 10 inch reflector which scope would give me the brightest and most detailed visuals?

What's nice about catadioptrics is they are compact and easier to transport, but does this mean that the internal mirrors they use to compress the space down makes the image degraded when compared to an equally sized newtonian reflector's mirror?

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Sky Chart or Planisphere

Hi Gang,
I just wondered which of the above do you prefer to use or do you use acombination of both?
I plan my observation night using a chart like the sky chart in S@N and then take my planisphere out with me. It's handy especially when you are starting off in the hobby to know what's about to appear over the horizon.
Does anyone else use a planisphere?
John jsc248.
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Hi to all and that is 500 + i think, right to get to my Problem
i have an LX 90 and Laptop and Philips To U Cam Pro and i am
having Tremendous aggro with the connecting cables so i can
work in doors as you do, but the cables seem to work about three or four
times then they seem to develop a problem as no Communication with the
Laptop, i ...
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Crystal clear and as dark as it gets here.

I'm going out right now for a good gawp at Saturn.
I might come back later and tell you all about it.

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filters for binoculars?

Hi all,
I have a nice pair of Nikon 10x50s and was wondering if filters where available for binoculars too? I think it would be a nice idea, any thoughts?

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Sky at night TV

Does anyone know when January and febs edition will be online?

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Good News

I've just worked out that the Forum has gained 33 new members in the last five days.

Long may the trend continue!!!
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