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First night with my new telescope

Hi all,
After a month of trying I finally had a clear night last night. I took my sparkling new scope out into the back garden and was not disappointed. I started off with Saturn and was well pleased with the result, have seen nothing like it before! Great stuff. I know that this isn't the most amazing spot but it was great to actually see 'first eye' what i've seen in books and on ...
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Member ranks

If you change your view from the default simplified flat view to flat or tree mode you can see memeber ranks such as new member and super member. Can anyone tell me what the thresholds for "promotion" are?
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Excuse my ignorance but I bought my first filters. Where do they fix? should I screw them in to the bottom of the eyepiece (1.25 inch) i.e. the end that fits in the scope?
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Astronomical Ignorance.

HI All,

While channal hopping on Freeveiw the other dayI came accross a station called Bid TV.On this occasion they were trying to flog cheap looking 60mm equatorial refractors.The man in the suit hovering over one was floundering in a sea of ignorance.Firstly pointing to the useless looking setting circles he explaind "these are the calibrations so you can slowly move in on the object".Then pointing to the counterweight he explained "this is the Plumb ...
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never satisfied

How do people ever get satisfied with their scopes etc,I am constantly fiddling with different magnifications,trying all sorts of binos from 8x to 25x using binoviewers on my scope(2 eyes is mutch better than 1) i am thinking more towards the big binos with changable eyepieces.getting things out and putting them back seems to be a bind?I get some fantastic views with my 120mm refractor, luner and soler photoes are great to,but i cant stop ...
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Light Years : How long ? How far ?


I have come to know that what we observe in the sky is not how the universe is at present, but how it was.

But also in books I have come to read, that a LIGHT YEAR (9.46 million killometers) is a measure of distance but not time. I am a bit confused.

So for example. DENEB a bright star in the constellation of SWAN is about 1600 light years away. Does that mean ...
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help ive move to village called upwood nr huntingdon is there culbs near by
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Hi all,

I wonder if someone can help please.

I'm having a little difficulty understanding & getting to grips with the astronimcal jargon and abbreiviations. Is there any cheapy publication, a website, or anything that I could use a to familiarise myself with 'astro-talk'?

Thanks in advance


p.s. I have trawled through all the posts, and have copied all the websites & web links onto a word document, so I now have a 2 ...
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First Light - Jaffa

Hi All,My new scope came last week Wednesday , in three box's. Just got them in the boot of the car! Had a play and set it up on Wednesday evening, but had to wait till Friday night to actually get to view through it. Even then it was quit late so was litterally working blind But didn't take long before I was searching the sky for my first view, Saturn. ...
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Clear skies!

Perhaps i should keep my mouth shut eh but i have had perfectly clear skies for about 4 days in a row now. Fantastic! i got some nice pics last night too of the moon, saturn and Orion nebula. Had a look at the Ghost of jupiter nebula as suggested by LEs in my other post too. Another very bright and very small nebula the likes of which i have never seen before. Saturday night ...
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