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I need some help with eyepieces

I was lucky to receive a telescope for Christmas, but to be quite honest I do not have much of an idea apart from aiming and looking.

my question is, I have a 114mm reflector with a 500mm focal length and a 10mm and 4mm lens. What is the strongest eyepiece I could use without loosing clarity? I have a 3x Barlow lens but I do not have much luck with it. Thanks for any ...
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Binocular mount

I understand there was advice on making a binocular mount in a back issue. Has anyone tried it? Does it work? Is it easy for the congenitally ham-fisted to make?
Can anyone send me instuctions on how to make it?
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Equatorial platforms

Given the awful weather at the moment( it's been raining here for hours and hours and hours), I have spent a few hours trawling through other forums in search of a way of using my dob for a bit of astro imaging( i know if i wanted to do photography i should have bought a goto or at least and eq mount with ra drive) but the fact remains you get a lot of mirror ...
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telescope question...

my family recently bought my father a telescope ("tasco"), as he has always been facinated by astronomy.

we bought if for him in november and he hasn't used it. i've bought him various books and he's read one but not really shown much of an interest.

i suggested he build himself an observatory, and found him some plans. i then asked why he hadn't used the telescope. he said that 1) its because he hasn't ...
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My New Website - opinions please...


I had some time this weekend (have you seen the weather!), so I have designed a small website about my astro efforts. It is a bit content light at the moment, as I am just getting into astro photography. Hopefully it will give a brief explanation to what I have and what i am trying to do.

So ladies and gents any feedback is usefull.

On a plus point I sold my 114GT ...
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Do you WIKI?

A wiki is a website designed for collaboration. Unlike a traditional website where pages can only be read, in a wiki everyone can edit, update and append pages with new information.
I have set up an experimental WIKI for adding / editing and sharing Astro - Imaging TOP TIPS.

Please feel free to have a go!

The pages will also be linked from my website

There ...
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S@N CD Software - K3 CCD

Hi all

I have just tried the K3CCD software that came on this months CD. I used a video of Saturn taken on Wednesday eve and attached it below.
Personally I prefer Registax for video processing but that could be just because I am used to it! Any comments are welcome.

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U-S-O unidentified sky object

First i would like to say hello to all, and a warm welcome to all the forums new members.


On the 15th of FEB about 8pm, 2 stars cought my eye that i had not seen before.
While walking the dog (OZZY) the sky was a bit cloudy and not good for looking skyward.
The ...
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HI everyone, I spotted the photo of Stonkin looking through his binoscope and i have a soft spot for them. helious do several types with 45degree angle and changeable eyepieces, and they work with barlows as well so you can power from 25x to 100x or what ever works well at the time.they are not cheap, starting at about £1000 up to tens of thousands. I cant help thinking that these things serve a multiple ...
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Full Moon

Hi Gang,
I have just had a visit from a neighbours son who wanted to know what the Earth looked like from space. After a brief chat I showed him some photos and a book called Full Moon by the American author Michael Light. I hadn't really thought of it before but I wondered whether any of the Apollo debinkers had seen this book. It is a beautifully laid out photographic atlas of man's journey ...
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