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Rolling roof observatory

Does anyone in the NE, close to Newcastle and preferably north of the city, have an observatory with a roll-off roof as I trying to finalise some drawings to make one, and a look at the real thing would be a great help.

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Light pollution problems

My bedroom in Worcester (near Birmingham) looks straight out towards a warehouse which leaves its floodlights on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! Apart from the obvious astronomiacal implications, it wastes a huge amount of power and it annoys me! My only consolation is having the Malvern Hills fairly close.
Does anyone else have similar problems to me?
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Meade ETX-105 & Meade LPI question

Hi, I am new to this amazing hobby and have an LPI and an ETX-105 but the software that came with the LPI is (for me) difficult to use. Does anyone have experience of this or can advise how best I can get images please. Ideally I'd like to take pics of planets, galaxies and nebulae
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Has anybody ever heard of Seben telescopes? If so, are they any good?

Here's the link to their website:
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newish member

Hi , Ilive in Cornwall but the weather has been atrocious for weeks now.
As a kid I was always interested in astronomy and used to read a lot of stuff on the subject from the library. What rekindled my interest was ( dont laugh!!) the offers at LIDL. Yes I bought the Skylux and a pair of the 10x50s Not had a real chance to try out the scope but the bins seem great, ...
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Steady hand?

Hello just wondering that is there any binocular's that are steady when using them. For some reason on my ones its like watching fireworks. I'd rather not use a tripod as well, I have noticed on other binocular's are more steady the bigger they are could this have something to do with it? Any advice would be great.
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Ce;estron CG5 or Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro

Does anyone have any advice on the choice between these GOTO mounts? I shall be mounting an 80mm Revelation ST Refractor to do some basic imaging with the view to constant upgrades, etc. Is there really £200 worth of difference from the Celestron to the Skywatcher?

Thanks in advance folks.

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Coronada BinoMite White Light Bins

This is a question I buried in another thread so just to give it another airing as a sep post in case anybody has experience of these.

I wonder if anyone has experience of
Coronado BinoMite White Light 10 X 25 Binoculars
for viewing solar activity?
Telescope house sell them - see link below.
Looks like they'd be great for eclipses (eg 29th March partial!)
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Skywatcher EQ5 Mount


The Skywatcher EQ6 mount can handle a pay load of 25kg (50ibs +), can any say what sort of payload a EQ5 Manual mount can take.

As I am thinking of buying a smaller scope to ride piggy back on a Skywatcher 6" Refractor.

Thanks for any help.

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Evidence of a Multiverse?

I wonder if these two pieces of research are related and whether it could be evidence of a multiverse.

1. Recent studies have shown that our universe may be expanding faster in some directions than in others, leading to a smartie or M&M shaped universe.

2. Research done at Princeton University has shown that smarties/M&Ms shapes will pack more densely than any other shape into a given volume. Click here for details.

I'm not ...
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