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Hi all.... still waiting for a clear sky so that I can use my scope for the first time but while waiting I have dug out an old Olympus OM1 and intend to do some moon photography BUT the question arises ... what and white or transparency colour...if B/W..which film and if trans. again which film.. Ekta or Kodak or what.. to my inexperienced mind it tells me Trans. because if I use B/W ...
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Good Morning all,

After another night of thick cloud cover, I am beginning to wonder why I enjoy Astronomy so much. .

I am looking to replace my telescope with a new one on a more stable mount the Sky Watcher Explorer 250 Newtonian Reflector is at the top of my list mainly because of the reasonable price and size. I have a Celstron G8 at the moment but find the mount not to be ...
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Any updates on Sir Patrick?

Has anyone heard any more on Sir patricks condition since he had his pace maker fitted and asking about the cricket?
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Scottish dealers

Does anyone know of any?

I can only see Black and Lizars. Other than that, there is the odd little shop with a scope or 2 but they meainly seem to be camera's.

We have the clear skies up here but no-where to buy the telescopes from

I really want to get close up and look at the Skywatcher explorer and the Meade LXD ranges.

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Red Led Torch

Annoyed at having to spend £10+ on a plastic red led torch that you just know will give up the ghost at the most inopportune moment?

I have seen several markets locally in Sussex (and therefore maybe countrywide?) knocking out the JML led torch for a fiver. Made of aluminium with gaskets to waterproof it its a cinch to ondo the top and put in a disc of red cellophane.

Red Led torch for ...
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Are you sitting comfortably - the story continues

Are you sitting comfortably - the story continues.........

I know some of you might raise your eyebrows and 'tut-tut' like crazy about my scope (the 'perhaps not such a good buy' Meade DS2114 from 'high-street retailer' Jessops) but I've decided to stick with it for the time being.

Anyway, I still have a couple of issues with it, so I went to Meade's web site hoping to get some answers. I followed their link to ...
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Hi All
Just thaught i would say that i have placed my order for the DSI II PRO this afternoon
from Telescope House should be in the store in the next couple of weeks i hope i will keep you updated as and when.


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Happy Birthday

Just spotted it's Al's birthday so let me be the first


New scope? Trip to Turkey for the eclipse?


PS wonder if we need a separate birthday folder - thoughts?
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astronomical events

It hasn't been said for a little while so a big thanks to Dave (Big Dipper) for keeping the astronomical events calendar going. Link below in case anybody's missed it.

I would have gone out last night to look at Saturn and Beehive moving ever closer (visually!) but hey, guess what, it was cloudy. This morning, snow!

Anyway thanks Dave and keep up the good work.

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The Moon

Hello all,
If you would like a excellent Moon Atlas with an aid to observing it, try March issue of Sky at Night free programme Lunarphase Pro 1.0. I have been using VMA 3 Beta but LP1.0 has ,I think got the edge on it. What do you think?do you know of a prog.(free) which you use.that is any better?


Rick D.
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