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New Web-Site

Hi all

I have just finished building the first 'draft' of my web-site, this being a totally new 'learning curve' for me.

Although its very basic at the moment, needs some 'tarting-up' , and some more material adding to it, I thought I'd inflict it upon you guys as a sort of 'beta' release.

Your comments will be most welcome.

You can find it at:

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Lunar eclipse

Penumbral eclipse tonight folks. Not a hugely spectacular event and less so with the cloud and rain over Norwich! Ho hum. If the clouds do part later, my astro calander suggests it is viewable until just after 2am. Clear skies anyone?

(or is it Greg)
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Interesting link

Hi all,
Don't know if anyone is interested but I just stumbled across this page lots of interesting bits. Maybe a bit more focused towards the keen amature (me!!) but some v good sections nevertheless.
Bye for now
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Free Online Internet Chat

I don't know whether anyone here is familiar with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), but there is a free download called SKYPE which, when you register for it (also free) it enables you to talk to anyone in the world, also registered with SKYPE, via your computer, ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you need is a headset or microphone & speakers & away you go (I have spoken to someone in New York using this system from ...
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Now that the summer is on its way,there won't be any clouds because there isn't much darkness either?.but the hollidays are coming up. I try and go somewhere where it is not light polluted. The first time i saw the milkyway was last year in perranporth, cornwall. we had a great time day and night! This year it will be even darker in tintagel cornwell, supposed to be mag 6 there. Tenerife is awsome, can't ...
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clouds clouds clouds


looked at the forecast for my neck of the woods and it is looking bleak
Only thing left is some research

Has anyone any tips on where I can get some information online for details on astrophotography. I am an enthusiatic learner, but a learner I am.

I am looking at purchasing some new eqauipment and want to learn
the basics before I buy. Hints on what scope and camera equipment that would be ...
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Google Mars

Hi all if you haven't noticed google have produced map data of mars (much like google moon).

Maps of visible, elevation and infrared are available.


I particually like the bookmarks of the major martian features.

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Hi all.... still waiting for a clear sky so that I can use my scope for the first time but while waiting I have dug out an old Olympus OM1 and intend to do some moon photography BUT the question arises ... what and white or transparency colour...if B/W..which film and if trans. again which film.. Ekta or Kodak or what.. to my inexperienced mind it tells me Trans. because if I use B/W ...
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Good Morning all,

After another night of thick cloud cover, I am beginning to wonder why I enjoy Astronomy so much. .

I am looking to replace my telescope with a new one on a more stable mount the Sky Watcher Explorer 250 Newtonian Reflector is at the top of my list mainly because of the reasonable price and size. I have a Celstron G8 at the moment but find the mount not to be ...
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Any updates on Sir Patrick?

Has anyone heard any more on Sir patricks condition since he had his pace maker fitted and asking about the cricket?
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