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Further to admin's message in the 'Rules & Regulations' section - the subject of uploads was brought to their attention by me last week. I've just been advised that, so not to slow down the uploading of messages for those using dial up, the upload image size will be limited to 100kb. The preferred method would be to post the images in the gallery & link to that. I queried the fact that not all ...
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Sir Patrick Moore.

Hi Gang,
Just gotten off the phone to Sir patrick and he told me that he is doing really well. He said that he will, most sadly (my words not his!), never be mobile again but he is feeling very good. He thanks everyone on the S@N forum for their kind thoughts and messages.
Just thought that you would like to know.
John jsc248.
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Is anyone getting clear skies?

Hi Gang,
A quick moan!!
Is anyone anywhere getting any views of a clear sky recently. This is the longest I've personally not been able to get out and do a bit of observation for quite a while. Anybody else had better luck?
John jsc248.
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One shot colour CCD cameras

Hi all - as every your advice is required!

Come the summer I will be buying a 'one shot colour CCD camera'. Given that I currently only have limited experience in astrophotography using a web cam, can anyone advise me as to the most suitable camera which will do reasonable deep sky shots. I will have a budget of aprox £1k. The scope I will be using is the one below.
Can anyone also explain ...
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Mars Rovers' anniversary presentation

I've just been sent a link to a JPL website hosting a narrated slideshow of Mars Rover images. The presentation marks the Rovers' second anniversary in January. The narration is by Spirit and Opportunity team members. I was well impressed:

Bob (big)
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Believe the reviews.

Finally got round to buying a scope.Rushed down to Argos for the Celestron Powerseeker c660,and rushed back down a week later and took it back.Spent 3 freezing cold nights in the garden thinking about all the 'don't buy this' reviews.Tried 1 lens,the moon was there, just,used the 2 other and barlow and could see nothing,more joy with a magnifying glass.Reviews,i knew they were there for a reason!
So,not much money about off i went again ...
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Hi All,

Looked into this website to get some weather info this afternoon - great -clear skies from 4.00pm till midnight , time to get a second go from my new scope.

4.30pm clouds appear! - 8.30pm still cloudy!!!

I,ve just spunked the thick end of 3K on my new scope, whens this b----y weather going to change!!!

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A Cheap Shot!

Before my 'observatory' roof decided to pack up, I'd been putting my largely now defunct H alpha filter to some use. Here we have a shot of the Flame & Horsehead area, taken from my light polluted site in Oxford, using a cheap 500mm f/8 telephoto lens riding piggyback on my 11" SCT. It is a composite of two ~35 minute exposures taken with E200. The resultant slides were combined in Registar and converted to ...
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Innovative Observatory

This must be the ultimate in mobile observatories.

I saw it at the Autumn Equinox Sky camp at Kelling Heath, September last year.

Innovation or what!!!

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