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Star charts

What star charts would anyone recomend for a novice with a 8 inch reflector ?
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Upgrading eyepieces worth it?

I just have a brief question about eyepieces. I recently purchased a Skywatcher 5.5 inch reflector, 650mm f length. It came with two standard eyepieces (10 and 25mm). I also got a 5mm one. But when I push magnification to the max around 260x with a 2x barlow the image is dimmer and fairly grainy and blurred. Would buying a more expensive eyepiece help significantly to brighten and sharpen things up or would it only ...
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Moon landings?

Im afraid ive found aome evidence on the web which means i can no longer ignore the moon landing hoax theories. Check out this link and see what you think.
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Purely as research, is anyone else musical? PM plays his xylophone, Urmstonian101 mentioned a chamber orchestra and all the people in my local astronomical community (about 3 myself included) play an instrument, sing or both. What about everyone else?!
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Sorry to post such a unimportant subject but-

Does any of you have to deal with husbends, wives, boyfriends girlfriends etc that have no interest in astronomy-

I have tried to get my fiancee to have a look when I am observing an amazing view of saturn or the moon and all I get is "No not intertested"

Geek and nerd are a common expression

Probably does not help that I am training to be ...
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Clear Sky Clock

Some of you may have heard of the Clear Sky Clock which was available to people living in the US & Canada.

Well I'm delighted to say that I've just learned that the service has been extended to other parts of the globe - including the UK!

Click on this link for further details.
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New Web-Site

Hi all

I have just finished building the first 'draft' of my web-site, this being a totally new 'learning curve' for me.

Although its very basic at the moment, needs some 'tarting-up' , and some more material adding to it, I thought I'd inflict it upon you guys as a sort of 'beta' release.

Your comments will be most welcome.

You can find it at:

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Lunar eclipse

Penumbral eclipse tonight folks. Not a hugely spectacular event and less so with the cloud and rain over Norwich! Ho hum. If the clouds do part later, my astro calander suggests it is viewable until just after 2am. Clear skies anyone?

(or is it Greg)
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Interesting link

Hi all,
Don't know if anyone is interested but I just stumbled across this page lots of interesting bits. Maybe a bit more focused towards the keen amature (me!!) but some v good sections nevertheless.
Bye for now
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Free Online Internet Chat

I don't know whether anyone here is familiar with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), but there is a free download called SKYPE which, when you register for it (also free) it enables you to talk to anyone in the world, also registered with SKYPE, via your computer, ABSOLUTELY FREE. All you need is a headset or microphone & speakers & away you go (I have spoken to someone in New York using this system from ...
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