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Tonight's Sky at Night on BBC1

Anyone here see this month's programme reporting from Mauna Kea? The range of telescopes there plus the sky conditions make my scope seem like a cheap toy & makes me feel like giving up with what we get in cloudy old Britain.

Certainly very impressive. Is it my imagination - but does Chris Lintott seem to be taking over the reigns of SAN more & more?
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wot sky

I gather the clouds may part at long last this week.
Is the duration of this cloud cover some kind of record?
Several weeks by my reckoning.
The moon nearly peeped through last night - I rushed in for the bins but, you guessed, it had disappeared again in minutes.

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Norwich Astronomical Society

I went along to the NAS tonight and became a member. It was actually an open evening with a v interesting talk on the future of space exploration. A very friendly bunch and some great facilities. Check it out

What are others experiences of local socs.
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Celestron CPC800 - Any users?

Im interested in getting this scope. Anyone got one yet? what are your experiences? Image quality, Mount performance, Goto Accuracy? It would be great to hear your views
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New Website

Hi All

Just in the middle of creating a new website which will inlcude

Apollo Hoax (Proving the missions were real)
Guest book

i will add more content as time allows but please give any suggestions and comments. Thanks in advance


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Which telescope

Hi All,

I'm looking at getting my next scope, which would be a Meade or Celestron SCT goto type, with Celestron being my primary choice.

The Celestron CPC 800XLT has good reviews and would most probably be a great scope.

However I guess that if you wanted to upgrade at a later date to a bigger aperture your stuck due to the fork widths.

Alternatively the Celestron Advanced S series 8" SGT is comparitively cheaper ...
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Trip to see Eclipse in Turkey

There was a trip advertised in last months mag. Does anyone have the details of this or details of any other trips to see the eclipse of the sun (organised or otherwise).
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Wouldn't it be nice if they moved it?

Astrofest in London tomorrow and Saturday of course.

Great event but in an awful venue. Now outgrown it's current venue, and as such is cramped and uncomfortable to look around the exhibitors stands. Its also a 'pain in the butt' to get to.

If it has to be in London, then why not somewhere on the perimeter, where there are plenty of more suitable venues. Or, if not London, somewhere else UK central.

Used to ...
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The New 10th Planet Is Larger than Pluto

Summary - (Wed, 01 Feb 2006) Astronomers have confirmed that the newly discovered 10th planet is larger than Pluto. Nicknamed 2003 UB313 for now, the new planet has a diameter of 3,000 km (1,850 miles) which is 700 km (435 miles) larger than Pluto. These new observations were made using a sensitive sensor on the IRAM 30-m telescope that measured the heat emitted by the new object, and found it had a similar reflectivity to ...
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Anyone know of an anti cloud dance?

Is it just me or has this been a really bad summer for observing! i reckon i have had clouds every night bar about 4 since i dunno feels like months now. I remember winter being full of very clear and cold nights when i have seen some of the best things ever up in the sky. This year has been awfull for me. The last time i was out it was looking like the ...
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