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One shot colour CCD cameras

Hi all - as every your advice is required!

Come the summer I will be buying a 'one shot colour CCD camera'. Given that I currently only have limited experience in astrophotography using a web cam, can anyone advise me as to the most suitable camera which will do reasonable deep sky shots. I will have a budget of aprox £1k. The scope I will be using is the one below.
Can anyone also explain ...
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Mars Rovers' anniversary presentation

I've just been sent a link to a JPL website hosting a narrated slideshow of Mars Rover images. The presentation marks the Rovers' second anniversary in January. The narration is by Spirit and Opportunity team members. I was well impressed:

Bob (big)
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Believe the reviews.

Finally got round to buying a scope.Rushed down to Argos for the Celestron Powerseeker c660,and rushed back down a week later and took it back.Spent 3 freezing cold nights in the garden thinking about all the 'don't buy this' reviews.Tried 1 lens,the moon was there, just,used the 2 other and barlow and could see nothing,more joy with a magnifying glass.Reviews,i knew they were there for a reason!
So,not much money about off i went again ...
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Hi All,

Looked into this website to get some weather info this afternoon - great -clear skies from 4.00pm till midnight , time to get a second go from my new scope.

4.30pm clouds appear! - 8.30pm still cloudy!!!

I,ve just spunked the thick end of 3K on my new scope, whens this b----y weather going to change!!!

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A Cheap Shot!

Before my 'observatory' roof decided to pack up, I'd been putting my largely now defunct H alpha filter to some use. Here we have a shot of the Flame & Horsehead area, taken from my light polluted site in Oxford, using a cheap 500mm f/8 telephoto lens riding piggyback on my 11" SCT. It is a composite of two ~35 minute exposures taken with E200. The resultant slides were combined in Registar and converted to ...
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Innovative Observatory

This must be the ultimate in mobile observatories.

I saw it at the Autumn Equinox Sky camp at Kelling Heath, September last year.

Innovation or what!!!

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Another moon

Hi It's me again

Comments please

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Just thaught i would send another
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Hi You guys

Please take a look at this ------- Comments please

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SCIENCE WEEK - Starts 20/03/06

What interesting things have you or your society got planned to make this a fun week?
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