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One to watch.

Hi Gang,
just received an email from NASA science that shows that Jupiter is growing another Red Spot. I wonder whether this one will last for centuries? I will be looking out for it the next time I look at Jupiter. The URL for the story is
Best wishes
John jsc248.
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Astronomy as a continuing hobby ? Will it get boring ?

Im getting started with astronomy. I have just joined an astronomy club. Going to start with binoculars but can resist buying a telescope. I am planning on the SKYWATCHER EXPLORER 150. But my friends ask me,

You buy a telescope. You use it the best you can and see all that you can. And then what ?

Does it get boring after a while and that we see the same celestial bodies again and again ...
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New Member

Hi to everyone. I have been interested in star gazing for a couple of years now but only recently have taken a stronger interest. Have just bought a Celestron Nexstar 130 SLT which is brilliant for me, being a beginner and am at the back door every night to see if the skies are clear (which they are not as often as I would like!). We live in Nantwich, Cheshire, with fields at the back ...
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Nice to see this forum coming alive more and more each day!

Just thought i would say how good it is that this forum is starting to rise up and becoming very popular.
Although i think their is a few questions and messages missed due to we have that many different sub catagories.
May be a thought for the admin, to reduce the catagories down a little so that new comers and such like do not get lost in amongst them.

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Permanent pier

Hi i am new to the forum, and i am in cambridgeshire,and about to set a permanent pier,any one know how i would align it , can i do it with a compass and subtract the variation(what is it any one know?) or does it need more accurate alignment,i have a fair amount of adjustment on the mount
(EQ6)any help out there
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Good day to you all.

I have just bought a Zenit SLR astrophotography kit. It's a bottom of the range but its a start.

I want to take images through the telescope.

So what would be the best roll of film type to buy. For takeing images of the moon say and would I need a differant roll of film type to take images of deep space objects. Would I need a fast or slow ...
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Housing my Skyliner 150

Hi, I'm a first-time poster.

Having just taken delivery of a Skyliner 150 dobsonian I need to keep it outside but safe. Can anyone recommend my best option? I'm looking into leaving the base (which seems reasonably robust) in the garden protected by a heavy duty plastic sheet and making a waterproof storage box (with lock) for the tube, to keep by the back door. Ideally I'll leave the whole thing assembled but don't know ...
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sleep deprivation

Ha! two fantastic nights of viewing...well almost, but much better than of late. However, after possibly 2 mins of sleep I am due to return to work at 13:00. I may call in sick. I hope some of you had good viewing away from the snows?
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laser finders are they a problem with imaging


I'm planning on going to my first star camp at Kielder forest and often use a green laser as a quick pointer for the scope, is this likely to be a problem for others? especially if they are using ccd's for long exposure imaging ?
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I don't believe it!!

Hi Gang,
I'm sitting here frustratedly looking out of the window at what can only be described as a scene from White Christmas. I finally received my zoom eyepiece, started planning my observations and down it came!Typical or what!!
John jsc248.
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