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Hi all,

I wonder if someone can help please.

I'm having a little difficulty understanding & getting to grips with the astronimcal jargon and abbreiviations. Is there any cheapy publication, a website, or anything that I could use a to familiarise myself with 'astro-talk'?

Thanks in advance


p.s. I have trawled through all the posts, and have copied all the websites & web links onto a word document, so I now have a 2 ...
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First Light - Jaffa

Hi All,My new scope came last week Wednesday , in three box's. Just got them in the boot of the car! Had a play and set it up on Wednesday evening, but had to wait till Friday night to actually get to view through it. Even then it was quit late so was litterally working blind But didn't take long before I was searching the sky for my first view, Saturn. ...
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Clear skies!

Perhaps i should keep my mouth shut eh but i have had perfectly clear skies for about 4 days in a row now. Fantastic! i got some nice pics last night too of the moon, saturn and Orion nebula. Had a look at the Ghost of jupiter nebula as suggested by LEs in my other post too. Another very bright and very small nebula the likes of which i have never seen before. Saturday night ...
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Messier marathon

Just a curious question asking how well people did on the messier marathon or how poorly? if indeed anyone had a go?
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Best scope?

I am fairly new to all this (Observing) although I have been reading books about DSO's since about 9yrs old. For several reasons I have have never had the time to observe for myself. I have given up my job now so I can study Physics. As I am sure you can Imagine, I now have the time but not the money! I am looking for a good scope with good optics. Something that I ...
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Celestron telescopes

Have got a new Celestron C8-NGT with goto (well I say new but its a month old and haven't really had the sky to use it fully yet) and I was wondering if anyone else had the same 'scope or if anyone is using the Celestron goto system. Am looking to swap tips and get some help with the controller and alignment process. Will no doubt get to grips with it once I have ...
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Whats this?

Ok maybe im just being stupid but i pointed my scope at the cats eye nebula tonight and i cant see it for anything. But i can see somthing which i cant quite explain. Dont think its the nebula, looks more like a planet which i know it isnt. I have the stars in focus and its not on the lens or eyepiece so i dont think iots anything on the scope or anything im ...
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What should I be looking for?

OK, currently I have a budget of £500.

Now, I know this is not much as far a scopes go but what can I expect for my money?

I'd like to know what to steer clear of quality wise.

A large light gathering aperature, quality mount and quality optics are 3 important things from what I can work out.

I need portability not not necessarily ease of portability. I am a patient person and half ...
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Lenses & Filters

I have been able to view Saturn through a 25mm and 9mm lens and have just bought a Barlow 2x lens, which makes it better, but what else can I use to make the view even more impressive? I've seen so many excellent photos of Saturn, with the rings clearly separate but I just see one thick ring (which is obviously impressing my friends and neighbours - but I want to see more!!). Thanks for ...
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BeginnerÕs dilemma

I'm trying to decide which telescope to get, but I have some difficult parameters and would be grateful for any advice and correction of my misconceptions.
First the easy part: my budget is up to £400, and I want to observe most things, with a particular interest in deep sky objects for which I require a minimum 200mm aperture (?), but not the ambitious stuff - tracking asteroids or discovering comets!
The tricky part is ...
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