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The Universe

Everybody lives in a street in a city, a village or a town for what its worth and there all inside the country, which is part of a continent that sits upon a planet known as Earth. And the Earth is a ball full of oceans and some moutains, which is out there spinning silently in space, and living on that Earth are the plants and the animals and also the entire human race.

Its ...
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Begginer requires telescope advice

Wonder if anyone can help / advise please? I'm new to astronomy and have recently bought a Meade DS114, as GOTO seemed a good idea for me to learn my way around the heavens, but am wondering if this is the best telescope for a novice, and if not, what would anyone reccomend for around the same price bracket.

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Where is everyone?

Hi Gang,
I've just been having a talk with Les and it made me think that it would be nice to know where everyone is viewing the sky from. I'm from Huyton which is a town on the outskirts of Liverpool. Where are you all from? It will be interesting to find out just how scattered we all are!
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Can someone tell me what filter to buy to view Saturn before February?
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Astrophotography, where to begin?

I've read lots of stuff about all the different kinds of image capture, but I seem to get "snow blind" by it all. I think I would mostly like to image deep sky with a bit of planetary thrown in for good measure. Although I am not linked PC to scope at present, I intend to have a standalone PC for this purpose soon when I eventually decide what kind and when to build my ...
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Prime Focus Magnification

I am just starting some basic astrophotography and am using a 35mm SLR at prime focus in my ETX125. Everyone knows how to work out magnification of a telescope with an eyepiece, but I cannot find how to work out the magnification of a telescope at prime focus. I suspect that somebody reading this forum can help me on this.
My first results show a magnification of about half that of the 26mm 4000 eyepeice ...
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10" Skywatcher Revelation Dobsonian.

I am currently using the meade etx 90 EC GOTO and the celestron 675 powerseeker, but want to go for something more bigger so Will be getting the 10" skywatcher Revelation Dobsonian next weekend to come, have asked for quite a few for opinions on what they think to this, and just to make sure this is what i am deffinetely going for, anyones else got opinions on how good this telescope is? It comes ...
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Where has everyone gone?

Before the Server 'crashed', this forum was a 'hive of activity', now its more like the 'Marie Celeste'.

Very different to the UKAI forum, which is 'buzzing' with activity.

Perhaps folk thought it had disappeared into a 'Black Hole', never to re-appear.
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Hard Cases -Suggestions ?

Whats the cheapest solution for hard cases for say a 4.5" 500mm Newtonian ?
I'd rather keep it in a sleeping bag rolled up than pay £200 -which seems to be par for the course for branded cases.

Anyone know of any cheaper solutions ?


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Q1 Mount -question

Is this mount with the Skyhawk 1145 4.5" robust enough to take an added single axis motor drive ?
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