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Age of the universe...

I understood the age of the universe to be 13.7 billion years old. I have heard however that the hubble constant is being reviewed following the discovery of galaxies and stars older than this.

Can anyone confirm this?

thanks all!
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Proposed Observing Club

Hi all out there. I am at present a lone observer in Fife, Scotland. I would like to hear from like minded folks, with a view to forming a loose club for mainly observing, (at least to start with). The problem I have at home is severe light pollution.

If any one out there has some interest let me know.
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So how do you 'view' the sky?

I thought it would be interesting to get an idea on how members here 'view' the sky. By that I mean are you a tradionalist & view the sky using an eyepiece - or do you tend to view the sky 'electronically' using a laptop & so on.

I'm definitely a tradionalist & use an eyepiece. But that is only because I still use film & using the eyepice helps to centre the DSO without ...
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Sky at Night Excellent - Space Cadets stupid

Thank goodness the BBC has a real astronomy programme and has made many other good astronomy and other space programmes. The offereing from channel 4 of a reality TV show which fools people into thinking they are going into space is really scraping the barrel. Sky at Night encourages those who might want to enter astronomy, engineering, science, and space science. That channel 4 Space Cadet program is a cruel hoax. It's also a sad ...
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What software are you using?

Hi Gang,
I was just wondering what software you are using and which do you recommend. I am using Starry Night Pro v.5 and find it the most informative I've used up to date. In the past I've used Redshift 5, Skymap Pro and most of the freeware available for download. Does anyone out there have any opinions or recommendations that they can suggest? I'd like to hear your opinions.
Co-incidentally as a foot-note I'd ...
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Post-processing of images

I really enjoy looking at people's imaging efforts, and we've already got some great pics posted in the photo gallery.

I've come across many pics on other sites where the full technical spec. has been given to how the image was achieved, e.g. how long the exposure, how many frames stacked etc. and quite often I see that the image was further processed in Photoshop, or a similar program.

What kind of processing is done ...
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How do you deal with dew formation?

I am new to astronomy and find that my view quickly turns hazy, which i think is dew formation. Where do you store the scope, room temp or outside temp, and are dew removers effective? I would appreciate any advise.
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astrological astronomeurs

hello forum.

It's very nice to be able to talk to fellow astronomeurs about their astrological equipment... ;)
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MOVED: Opinions on Sky at Night magazine

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Hello Gang.

Hi Gang,
I guess i should have called this thread "Rogues Gallery". This is, unfortunately" what I look like and I invite everyone to post their own photos.

Hope to "see" you all soon.


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