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Did the Apollo 11 mission land on the moon? I saw a BBC hour long program that said they they did not.
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Earth's tilt.

I succesfully explained to my son the reasons for the change in seasons (relating to the UK being more face-on, to the sun, in summer than in winter. However, I was glad I was not asked why the earth is tilted, off-axis, in the first place. Please can someone assist. Thankyou.
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Planets orbits question

I think the word for this is apsis. I was just wondering if anyone knew a source where I could find when planets are out closer/closest points as searching for it just told me about mars in July last year
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Re: EQ6 pro mount assistance please

Hi, Can any one advise me as to why the Az and Alt T bolts seem to only operate one way, that is, when i slacken one off to use the corresponding T Bolt it moves one direction but i can not get it to move in the other direction; NEQ6 was purchased with a Sky Watcher 300PDS GOTO last October 2018 from Rother Valley Optical, hope for some advice please.........

Best regards and thanks, ...
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Reflector Telescope Issues When Viewing Objects

I tried to view Venus tonight on my Meade 114EQ-ASTR, but when I try to focus on the planet, all I see is the 3 beams holding the side smaller side reflector mirror. I can even see my fingers if I put them in front of the telescope. I only have 1 MA25mm eyepiece but I have a MA9mm eyepiece from an much older Meade telescope that doesn't fit but works only if I hold ...
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First time astronomy binoculars

Hi folks, I’ve got some Celestron 20 x 80 binoculars for Christmas (cloudy skies since Christmas!) I’m trying to focus them but can’t seem to manage to get a whole view rather than a black line between the two sides. Any advice would be very much appreciated :D thank you in advance
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What do you record? What do you record?

Hello :-)

I've not long moved to an area with a darkish sky. Very exciting! I read about people recording what they see. When I lived in Greater London this would have been very easy - as you couldn't see much!!

But how do you decide what to record when you can see a ridiculous number of constellations? Do you write down everything, every night? The brightest ...
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It looked like a clear sky this evening so I set up in the back garden. By the time I got assembled, plugged in, slewed to Vega to align and focused on it, the dew on the corrector plate brought an end to the proceedings!

So will a passive dew shield do the job or do I need a heated one? If heated, do I need a controller or will it work without one?
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I feel very silly I feel very silly

Hi, I leave in UK and I spotted 3 very bright flickering stars/lights in the shape of huge triangle (which is upside down) in the sky. The weird thing was they start moving but not all is the same time :shock: in the bottom star/light is looking like a tail (maybe is my window) and in one second I seen like the shooting star coming out of ...
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getting back ito astromony

Hi many years ago i purchased a diy kit from fullerscopes 8 1/2" mirror on a equatorial mount, had to drill all the holes for spider and mirror etc as tube was just a tube by some luck and really reading about focal lengths etc it work really well later fitting a motor to it working off a car battery , good old days that was when i was about 22 years old now I'm ...
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