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Mars with rings

Hey all, I have this handheld telescope (the one that pirates were depicted to have) and I decided to look at the orange light in the sky which turned out to be a planet!

The image was super blurry but I could see a beige circle with a ‘wide’ ring surrounding it tilted from North east to south west (top to bottom). I initially assumed that this was Saturn because of the ring but then ...
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Summer is Over

Woke up this morning to a very clear sky. Orion, Hyades and Pleiades were high in the sky like old friends not seen for a while! Looks like autumn is on its way.
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Trouble viewing anything other than the moon

I have only recently got my first telescope so I may somewhere be making a easy mistake but I thought it would be best to ask I have gotten some great days looking at the moon it looks amazing but when I look at something say mars I can see the support and a black spot in the centre I know that my eyepiece is focused I am using an Orion SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector ...
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Starry Nights 7 SE for Windows 10

Firstly, sorry to hog this forum with my silly questions, but the advice I'm receiving is so helpful to a new hobbyist such as myself. :D

I was very happy to find a Starry Nights 7 Celestron SE software download link and pw came as a free add on to the Celestron Astro Fi 130 telescope I recently bought. This should allow me to control ...
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The Celestron Astro Fi 130 Newtonian set up question

For the past few months I've been trying to decide which telescope to buy with the help of you good people. I've been umming and ahhing so much over which scope to get that I think I'd still be doing that for the next few months if I didnt just go out and buy one. So today I went out to my local Argos store and bought a reduced priced Celestron Astro Fi 130 ...
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Non-collimateable primary mirror?

I'm looking to buy a telescope and really like the idea of the Sky-Watcher Star Discovery 150i f/5
It has Wi-fi (which I wouldn't normally go for) but it also has the capability to be manually moved to look elsewhere and afterwards it will slew back to where you were originally looking.
Other Wi-fi enabled telescopes I've seen such as the Astro Fi series do not have this capability and can only be moved ...
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Sun- Moon anomaly

I have been trying to get to the bottom of this anomaly and most of the solutions suggest its an illusion. This is based on the fact that I was using a photograph and that various factors need to be taken into account e.g. lens distortion, cylindrical projection etc. I ony used the photo to visually convey what I had observed.
I could easily have drawn on a blackboard what I observed and taken a ...
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Deep Sky Tour

Possibly a little premature, I haven't got the new goto telescope yet! But I have downloaded the Sky Portal Mobile App onto my IPad and I have had a look at the Bonus Content from the July S@N Magazine. There's a pdf download for both the Binocular Tour and the Deep Sky Tour and there's an Argo Navis Deep-Sky Tour software download and there's a Sky Safari download. Will the Sky Portal app use the ...
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New scope opinions..

I'm an "old" newbie looking to buy a low price starter. I fell in love with a newton but after all I read about the adjustments and the frailty of the design, I've turned to shopping refractors. I've never even looked through a scope before besides my riflescopes and I want to be able to use the thing, not work on it! Ok, to the scope..a Celestron Powerseeker 80EQ. At $100, that's not much....Question is, ...
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Telescope viewing

So I've recently bought a telescope and I was viewing Jupiter last and I could see it with 4 of its moon. But Jupiter itself just looked like a ball of light (a bit like the photo attacked below). I use a Nova 114mm x 500mm reflector telescope and a 10mm lens with a 2X barlow. Was just wondering if there is any way I can better my view of Jupiter and maybe start seeing ...
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