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ZWO ASI120MM not viewing planets

Hello. My first visit.
I thought that it was time to introduce the grandkids to astronomy, so I bought a really cheap 90mm GOTO Mak, not expecting very much.
I can’t use it outside yet as it is not dark enough while the kids are up, so I decided to practice from my living room and was very surprised when I got viewable images of the moon, Jupiter and its moons, Saturn and it’s rings ...
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okay I know this is a stupid question, but how do I actually find Jupiter? cheers
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Dew shields fo Newtonian OTAs - do they work ??

I saw an ad on ebay the other day from someone advertising a Skywatcher 200mm Skyliner scope which also included a wrap round dew shield (non heated variety). I must admit that I've always assumed that a dew shield on an open tube Newtonian would be a complete waste of time since the mirrors would already be protected to maximum effectiveness inside the tube. Adding effectively an additional short length of tube in the form ...
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Bino mirror mount

I have just purchased a pair of 25x70 binos. Am in the process of making a mirror mount. Can anyone recommend or advise on size/thickness of front surface mirror glass and where to purchase? I was thinking around 10" x 7". Are there any problems I should look out for before purchasing glass? Many thanks.
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Go to without wifi?

Total beginner here so please excuse the totally silly question

Basically I'm looking to buy a go to telescope, to begin with to use in my garden but eventually to take further afield.

In my garden i have a strong WiFi signal, so the go to functionality will be great to get me started on what to look for in the night sky

However, because i have a lot of lights outside my house ...
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how can i find polaris each night?
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Is Skywatcher Quattro too heavy for AP on an EQ6 R?

Hello, just looking for a bit of advice.

So I was searching for a good reflector telescope for the EQ6 R and I saw there was a lot of people on Astrobin using the Skywatcher Quattro 10CF OTA on an NEQ6 mount and they were getting some decent images, then I googled the weight of the Quattro 10 CF and it was almost 15kg which is around 80% of the mounts 18kg weight capacity, and ...
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Finder scope

Hi all I’m very new to this and this might seem like a really stupid question ,right I’ve noticed when I switch my finder scope on red dot appears so I fix this to a point but if I move my head to a different position the red dot has moved and is nowhere near the first point I looked at so theirfore the scope is out as well how do I make sure the ...
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How do you get fine detail on planets.

2 days ago I studied Jupiter and saw its rings and 4 of its moons with a reasonable degree of sharpness. Last night I tried to view Venus but all I could see was a super bright white ball with slightly fuzzy edges. How can I get detail from my 8 inch GSO dobsonian? Do I need to cover part of the apature or use some kind of filter please?
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I'd like to buy a wooden and brass telescope as a gift I'd like to buy a wooden and brass telescope as a gift

Can anyone tell me a good one to choose that will still enable us to see planets/star constellations please? As you can tell I'm a beginner...
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