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When barlow lenses are useful/useless, beginner question

Hello everyone!

I am completely new to astronomy so this question will probably be both easy and a bit dumb. I recently received a Celestron travel scope 70, a fairly weak telescope for a good price in my opinion. I am happy with what it does so far, but I have the possibility of getting a barlow lens (x3) to use with it.
Now my question is wether this lens is even usefull in the ...
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can you make a TRAILER of Your Telescope \(^o^)/

hello my silly question is ????

hello nice to meet you I have found classic telescope
my question is does somebody else also make trailer off telescope,s

SEE MY 5 trailer,s
Go Too. Google and type this in ... Live Polarex

oFF ??

go to youTube .. type in ... Live polarex
you see my... trailer,s :lol:

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making a programme on ion drive

would you be interested in making a programme on ion drive, my theory is to react xenon with flourine to produce a compound thus increaseing accelleration. plus n.a.s.a'ers chang diaz claims 39 days for the trip to mars.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this

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A good starter scope ready for imaging ?


I am very new to astronomy and I'm looking for a scope and mount that is good starter to general viewing but I can use for astrophotography later. I recently went to a local club and had a look through a few different scopes. I was going to get a 8 or 10" dob but, one they are quite big to store and transport and I would need to collimate it so I think ...
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Imaging Jupiter and the Full moon

I have been imaging Jupiter and the full moon a couple of nights ago. I simply used my DSLR mounted on a tripod imaging at different exposures to allow for the varying brightness of the Moon and the planet. I have images which I now want to compine in some way but have not worked out what to do. I have a few processing tools but not photoshop. Can you help please.
Many thanks

C. ...
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Telescope bamboozlement!? Help! Beginner/travel

Hi all,

I have read many forums and articles and to be quite honest, am getting a little overwhelmed by it all so hoping you can help.

My boyfriend has a massive interest in stars, space and planets and would love a telescope. I thought I'd surprise him for his birthday.
We live in greater London, with a tiny garden but we have a lot of parks around us and we go camping/travelling a fair ...
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Phil's Scribblings

I am a writer but make some of my writings available for free on my website. You can read them here: ... ingst.html

Much of the material is suitable for beginners.
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Query about brightness ratio chromosphere and photosphere

Hi Everyone

I would be very grateful if someone could answer this question for me.

If you divide the brightness of the uneclipsed photosphere of the sun by the brightness of the chromosphere that can be seen around a totally eclipsed sun, what is the result? (Obviously when I use the word "chromosphere", this should not be confused with the corona.)

I am having difficulty finding the necessary information on the Internet in order to ...
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Refractor best for photography

First post so Hello.
I spent an evening with a local group of stargazers and found it interesting to say the least. So I would like to "have a go" myself.
I come from a photography background and although I would just like to gaze at the fascinating night sky, I can see I will get the itch to photograph it as well.
I am also lucky enough to have a garden a few ...
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Another simple question I am sure... I have taken many images from one night, with DSLR on the back of my scope. Having downloaded them onto my laptop they are no longer jpeg images so will not show up in the files when trying to upload to a processing prog such as MICE or registaks. Can anyone tell me how to alter them into a format where i can access them in the folder which ...
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